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[Game Review] Metal Slug Touch (iPhone)

In Casual, iOS, Reviews by Davis Fan

An increasing amount of hardcore games are making the transition to iOS, with some more faithful a port than others. Now that Metal Slug has hit the platform as Metal Slug Touch, we get to see SNK Playmore’s own rendition of the classic series through a touch screen.

Davis Fan[Game Review] Metal Slug Touch (iPhone)
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[Game Review] Acceleration of Suguri X Edition (PS3)

In PS3, Reviews by Jhonny Crespo

In 2009 game publisher Rockin’ Android brought over game developer Orange_Juice’s¬†Suguri series for the PC from Japan and captured a strong niche following. Now¬†Acceleration of Suguri X Edition has been adapted for the PS3. It is sure to please previous fans, but how will it hold up with brand new users like myself?

Jhonny Crespo[Game Review] Acceleration of Suguri X Edition (PS3)
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[Game Review] Romance of Rome (iPhone)

In Casual, iOS, Reviews by Jhonny Crespo

The iOS platform is filled with a plethora of games, but one genre stands out among the rest. Puzzle games have quickly become the most successful genre in the app store but because of that there are thousands of games; but which are actually worth playing? Romance of Rome fights to stand out among it’s fellow puzzle games by using …

Jhonny Crespo[Game Review] Romance of Rome (iPhone)