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[Review] Fate/EXTELLA Falls Short

In PC, PS4, Reviews, Switch, Vita by Davis Fan

Though the Fate series may not be the cash cow that other anime series are in the United States, it certainly has enough appeal in Japan to greenlight practically any type of title it damn well pleases. Enter Fate/EXTELLA, a hack-and-slasher by Marvelous; unfortunately, like many other anime-based titles, it falls short and fails where other original IPs succeed.

Davis Fan[Review] Fate/EXTELLA Falls Short
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[Review] Valkryia Revolution Revolutionizes Little

In PS4, Reviews, Vita, Xbox One by Davis Fan

Spin-offs are often money-grabs that fail to capture the magic of the original, though fans will still undoubtedly flock to it as they would any other entry into the primary franchise. Exceptions to this do exist, but Valkryia Revolution is not one of them.

Davis Fan[Review] Valkryia Revolution Revolutionizes Little
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[Review] Laser Disco Defenders – Bullet Hell Has Never Been So Groovy

In PC, Reviews, Vita by Benjamin Gee

Laser Disco Defenders is vibrant, colorful and provides a type of masochistic pleasure only caused by a barrage lasers to the face. With perpetually ricocheting beams to dodge and avoid, players must maintain accuracy, speed, and awareness to survive their self-inflicted bullet hell.

Benjamin Gee[Review] Laser Disco Defenders – Bullet Hell Has Never Been So Groovy
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[Game Review] Digimon: Cyber Sleuths (PS4)

In PS4, Reviews, Vita by Davis Fan

With Bamco’s announcement of Digimon: Cyber Sleuths last year, I couldn’t help but feel the little boy in me well up at the thought of seeing these old friends again. Of course, the franchise has lost a lot of steam in past two decades with the popularity of other collectible monster games like Pokemon and a slew of mobile gachapon games. With …

Davis Fan[Game Review] Digimon: Cyber Sleuths (PS4)
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[Game Review] Samurai Warriors 4-II (PC)

In PC, PS3, PS4, Reviews, Vita by Davis Fan

After the release of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, I have been absolutely spoiled and expect nothing from greatness from Japanese PC ports. Well, some would say spoiled, but I really think it should be the norm. After all, why should an entire platform suffer? In comes Samurai Warriors 4-II, which is also developed by Omega Force, though published through Koei …

Davis Fan[Game Review] Samurai Warriors 4-II (PC)