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[Game Review] Blue Estate (PC)

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Blue Estate is a arcade-y  rail shooter loaded with dark humor, cheesy one-liners and bullets. The game is  an adaptation of the comic  of the same name and tries its best to entertain but falls short due to its try-hard and dry humor that can make some feel uncomfortable or annoyed. At least the shooting is fun for a good …

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Blue Estate (PC)
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[Game Review] I am Bread is a Loaf of Fun

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As a child, I remember often walking past computers in the library or my high school and seeing others play some type of flash game, which were usually rotated out whenever the new most popular game on New Ground came up. One of the most frustrating titles that comes to mind is QWOP, the infinite runner title that gave players …

Davis Fan[Game Review] I am Bread is a Loaf of Fun
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[Game Review] Running With Rifles

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Running With Rifles is a fun isometric shooter developed and produced by  Modulaatio Games. Basically, its Battlefield with an aerial view, shooting enemies and capturing outposts on massive maps. The game has a nice charm and humor to it as fellow soldier yell random things and the environments are phenomenal in looks and large to run around.

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Running With Rifles
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[Game Review] Woolfe Provides More Bark than Bite

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While as children, our first exposure to fairy tales came in the form of G-rated Disney cartoons, most of us have probably learned in school that fairy tales were generally more grim or dark than the way they were portrayed on screen. It’s interesting how these fairy tales, in their original forms, manage to maintain the interest of adults by …

Davis Fan[Game Review] Woolfe Provides More Bark than Bite
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[Game Review] Cities: Skylines (PC)

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The slow, grotesque execution of the SimCity series and Maxis game studios left many people without much hope when it came to the city building genre. It is within complete reason then, that many people that were once huge fans of the genre, such as myself, have drifted away from it. Cities: Skylines is here to change that. Seriously. Skylines …

Ian Williams[Game Review] Cities: Skylines (PC)
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[Game Review] Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires

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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires and the musou genre in general are a guilty pleasure of mine. If you dissected the gameplay, it pretty much contains a lot of things that I would normally complain about: the gameplay doesn’t require much skill at all, it becomes artificially difficult when raising the difficulty because enemies become damage sponges, and there isn’t much …

Eldon Tsan[Game Review] Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires
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[Game Review] Aaru’s Awakening (PC)

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Aaru’s Awakening is a 2D action adventure and puzzle platformer created by Lumenox Games. The game has a beautiful environment, where everything was basically hand drawn and it is displayed well. The level designs, monsters, menus, everything is just simply exotic. But just like everything else in life, there is always some drawbacks for something that is really pretty.

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Aaru’s Awakening (PC)