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[Game Review] Last Inua (PC)

In iOS, PC, Reviews by Chris RamosLeave a Comment

The Last Inua is a 2D platform adventure game made by Glowforth. It is a port from the Apple store and should have probably stayed there. The game plays like Limbo however it seems to focus more on the artistic visuals than on the gameplay.

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Last Inua (PC)
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[Game Review] bit Dungeon II (PC)

In PC, Reviews by Eldon TsanLeave a Comment

Steam has seen a large surge of roguelikes this year, and bit Dungeon II is one of those new titles. KintoGames states that the title is inspired by games such as Zelda, Diablo, and Dark Souls. While it may sound like a strange mishmash of genres, bit Dungeon II does feel as though all three of those games were thrown …

Eldon Tsan[Game Review] bit Dungeon II (PC)
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[Game Review] Craft The World (PC)

In Reviews by Brian HurtadoLeave a Comment

Craft the World joins Minecraft and Terraria as the latest entry in the sandbox building genre that has become so popular lately. The open-endedness of such games seem to draw in a particular crowd, but as more and more of these games come out it’s harder for any one to stand out from the rest. Craft the World, however, manages to add some interesting mechanics …

Brian Hurtado[Game Review] Craft The World (PC)
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[Game Review] QP Shooting – Dangerous!! (PC)

In Reviews by Kevin KartanataLeave a Comment

Many genres have seen their genesis on the island nation of Japan, but few can match the chaos of the bullet hell shooter. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, they are basically old school shmups on steroids. The Japanese term, “Danmaku,” translates to “bullet curtain” due to the sheer amount of bullets that can be on-screen at once. They’re actually …

Kevin Kartanata[Game Review] QP Shooting – Dangerous!! (PC)
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[Game Review] Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (PS3)

In PS3, PS4, Reviews by Davis FanLeave a Comment

This game took so long I almost didn’t think it would happen. After Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, I almost didn’t think I’d ever get my hands on another Guilty Gear with all the other fighting games that Arc System Works has been putting out. Now that it’s out, I couldn’t be more excited, though with the direction that fighting …

Davis Fan[Game Review] Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (PS3)
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[Game Review] Instant Dungeon! (PC)

In PC, Reviews, Vita by Chris RamosLeave a Comment

Instant Dungeon is a single-player 2D dungeon exploration game made by With The Love Studios. The game does not really have much of a story other than just simply wandering around dungeons and escaping. It’s simple as that but can definitely test one’s patience on how far they can keep playing the game.

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Instant Dungeon! (PC)
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[Game Review] Far Cry 4 Review (PC)

In 360, PC, PS3, PS4, Reviews, Xbox One by Grant MikuriyaLeave a Comment

Another year, another triple-A title. While Ubisoft hasn’t treated the game like a cash cow like it has Assassin’s Creed, it has fallen prey to their cookie-cutter format of adventure games chock-full of unnecessary yet helpful side content. Fortunately, it has kept true to its main draw which is an FPS-meets-Survivorman gameplay, thankfully without having to drink your own piss.

Grant Mikuriya[Game Review] Far Cry 4 Review (PC)
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[Game Review] This War of Mine (PC)

In PC, Reviews by Kevin KartanataLeave a Comment

The war game has been a constant fixture in video games since the medium’s inception, and, as evidenced by the annual parade of military shooters we’ve been experiencing for the past half-decade or so, it’s clear that video games are a culture in love with the idea of war. When confronted with the realities of war however, games are all …

Kevin Kartanata[Game Review] This War of Mine (PC)
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[Game Review] Frozen Synapse Prime (PC)

In Feature, PC, Reviews by Dustin LeonLeave a Comment

Developer Double Eleven and Mode 7 Games sequel to the award winning indie game Frozen Synapse, comes their latest iteration of the series, Frozen Synapse Prime. Compared to the first title, the developers completely reconstructed the sequel, incorporating new gameplay mechanics and art direction. Although the overall gameplay and modes are more accessible and extensive than the original title, I …

Dustin Leon[Game Review] Frozen Synapse Prime (PC)