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[Game Review] Toukiden Kiwami (PC)

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Despite all the hiccups that come up and all the hate that Tecmo Koei gets, I genuinely love their games from the Dynasty Warriors series to the Atelier series, though some might argue that’s a GUST title, but that’s neither here nor there. Recently, Tecmo Koei has been one of the biggest supporters of PC gaming with their ports to …

Davis Fan[Game Review] Toukiden Kiwami (PC)
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[Game Review] Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)

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The Arkham series is one of the best superhero-to-video game adaptations around, a feat that is not easily acquired. Rocksteady certainly nailed it in Arkham Asylum, giving us our first taste of what it’s like to be the Batman. In Arkham City, they expanded on it, giving us an open-world section of Gotham to play in. Arkham Knight goes even further, giving us a bigger area, a new …

Brian Hurtado[Game Review] Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)
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[Game Review] Hatred (PC)

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When I initially ran across Hatred, I just thought, “I don’t see what the controversy is over. It’s just gratuitous violence.” In fact, there’s plenty of it in other games that we play already, like the recently released Mortal Kombat X. I was initially happy to see that it was allowed back on Steam, because it proved that the consumers’ …

Davis Fan[Game Review] Hatred (PC)
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[Game Review] Blue Estate (PC)

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Blue Estate is a arcade-y  rail shooter loaded with dark humor, cheesy one-liners and bullets. The game is  an adaptation of the comic  of the same name and tries its best to entertain but falls short due to its try-hard and dry humor that can make some feel uncomfortable or annoyed. At least the shooting is fun for a good …

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Blue Estate (PC)
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Magicka 2 Early Demo Out Now

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Fans who have pre-ordered Magicka 2 can now try out a demo of the game starting today til May 10. Paradox Interactive calls the demo as a sort of sneak peek of what the game will hold. The preview demo will include : The Prologue, in which Wizards discover what has happened in Midgård since the last adventure, learn to …

Chris RamosMagicka 2 Early Demo Out Now
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[Game Review] I am Bread is a Loaf of Fun

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As a child, I remember often walking past computers in the library or my high school and seeing others play some type of flash game, which were usually rotated out whenever the new most popular game on New Ground came up. One of the most frustrating titles that comes to mind is QWOP, the infinite runner title that gave players …

Davis Fan[Game Review] I am Bread is a Loaf of Fun
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[Game Review] Running With Rifles

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Running With Rifles is a fun isometric shooter developed and produced by  Modulaatio Games. Basically, its Battlefield with an aerial view, shooting enemies and capturing outposts on massive maps. The game has a nice charm and humor to it as fellow soldier yell random things and the environments are phenomenal in looks and large to run around.

Chris Ramos[Game Review] Running With Rifles