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[Game Review] The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)

In 360, Android, iOS, PC, PS3, Reviews, Vita by Eldon Tsan

As a person who absolutely despises The Walking Dead as a TV show, Telltale Games’ adaptation of the series was definitely one of my favorite games of 2012. Season One of The Walking Dead was so good that even when I had to replay the entire thing due to my save being bugged, I still almost teared up at several …

Eldon Tsan[Game Review] The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC)
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[Game Review] infinite (iOS)

In Android, Casual, iOS by Matthew Kartanata

Nexus Game studio takes you to a galaxy far, far away (or perhaps very close, because it’s rather unspecific) in their celestial arcade drop, infinite. In it, you amass a solar system star by star as you dodge debris to the downtempo tunes of the cosmos. The game’s abstract art style and clean interface reaffirm its indie roots, but are …

Matthew Kartanata[Game Review] infinite (iOS)
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[Game Review] Hello Kitty Seasons: Beauty Salon (iOS)

In Android, Casual, iOS, Reviews by Matthew Kartanata

As part of the Sanrio brand, Hello Kitty Seasons: Beauty Salon is yet another electronic addition to the kingdom of kawaii (or kowaii, depending on who you ask) that, unfortunately, is still not Hello Kitty Online Island Adventure in disguise—and while that may be disappointing enough to ward off the elite connoisseurs of this iconic Japanese cat, it doesn’t immediately disqualify the …

Matthew Kartanata[Game Review] Hello Kitty Seasons: Beauty Salon (iOS)
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[Game Review] The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Android)

In Android, iOS, Reviews by Davis Fan

Almost a year after its original release on iOS devices and nobody cares about it anymore, The Simpsons: Tapped Out finally hits Android devices as well. With countless freemium games available already, no matter which device players own. Amidst all these titles, Tapped Out stands out, if just for its effective use of the Simpsons IP, but hides a large …

Davis Fan[Game Review] The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Android)
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[Game Review] Zombie Smasher (Android)

In Android, Reviews by Matthew Kartanata

In case Valentine’s Day left you wanting to squish the living dead with the touch of your finger, either out of love or lack thereof, Zombie Smasher may be the cadaver-laden panacea to your zombie obsession. With a quick-paced and demanding gameplay style, simple unlockables, and three different game modes, Italy Games seems to have created a dynamically appealing combination …

Matthew Kartanata[Game Review] Zombie Smasher (Android)
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[Game Review] Rise of the Blobs (Android)

In Android, iOS, Reviews by Matthew Kartanata

If you’ve ever dreamt of hurling an army of fruits into gelatinous columns of terror, Rise of the Blobs is the manifestation of your wildest fantasy. And, well, if you haven’t dreamt of that, you may still enjoy all this game has to offer, if you can move past a few key flaws in the game’s design and playability.

Matthew Kartanata[Game Review] Rise of the Blobs (Android)
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[Game Review] Temple Run 2 (iOS)

In Android, Casual, iOS by Matthew Kartanata

This month, Imangi Studios brings its sequel to the crowd favorite Temple Run. While this new game still does not feature a central story beyond petty thievery from a temple of demented monkeys (replaced now with one, behemoth-sized primate) it maintains its original fast-paced game play and improves on a number of its key components to the enjoyment for new …

Matthew Kartanata[Game Review] Temple Run 2 (iOS)
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[Pros and Cons] Android Gaming

In Android, Casual, Pros/Cons by Davis Fan

Just two years ago, browsing the Android market for games often meant either finding a slew of Angry Birds titles or its clones, while friends and family on iOS devices had access to titles like Jetpack Joyride first and more hardcore titles from a vast range of established gaming companies like Square-Enix. However, a quick glance today reveals titles like …

Davis Fan[Pros and Cons] Android Gaming
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[Review] Arcane Legends (iOS)

In Android, Casual, iOS, Reviews by Jhonny Crespo

In the world of mobile gaming, MMORPG’s has struggled more than most other genres. Games have struggled to present an entertaining experience that will retain players. Spacetime Studios is no stranger to MMORPG’s with games such as Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends; however, with Arcane Legends, Spacetime Studios has finally created an MMORPG worth playing.

Jhonny Crespo[Review] Arcane Legends (iOS)