[Review] Warriors All Stars Shoots For the Moon and Misses

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Koei Tecmo has gone from a humble publisher with only a handful of titles under its belt to the absolute powerhouse it is now. Sporting releases like those from the Atelier series, Dead or Alive series, and obviously the Warriors games, the publisher is definitely one of the big boys in the arena now. With great power comes the opportunity to do great mashups, and that is the mission of Warriors All Stars.

What I Liked

  • Almost everyone’s here: The game sports characters from almost every major and even minor Koei Tecmo title, from the popular and polarizing Warriors series to the niche newcomers like Nights of Azure. There certainly is something here for everyone and to whet most appetites.
  • Full maps: Unlike other hack-and-slashers that seek to compromise between multiplatform releases, Warriors All Stars features full maps like those found in the main Warriors titles rather than these maps that are split into multiple sections. Overall, it creates much better flow between camps that are waiting to be captured by players.
  • Lots of possible missions: Aside from the campaign, the game features plenty of challenge and side missions for players to embark upon, unlocking more characters in the process. If players choose to complete these, they will be able to get quite a bit of playtime out of the title.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Roster doesn’t have everyone: As expected, no collaboration will have the roster capacity to satisfy everyone and that is certainly the case with Warriors All Stars. Old favorites like Dynasty Warriors’ Ma Chao or Dead or Alive’s minor characters are notably absent, leaving long-time fans a bit dissatisfied.
  • Not much to collect: One of the features that have dominated the Warriors series is the ability to collect and hunt for specific weapons to empower characters. However, that is strikingly absent from a title that is called Warriors All Stars.
  • Campaign is painfully short: While there are many missions that players can choose to go on, none are required and the actual campaign is ridiculously short. Once players finish, there’s not much motivation to continue the current campaign or even replay another one. It just feels a bit empty.
  • Not much stands out: There are a couple of features like Musou Rage that are unique to the collaboration title, but none of these features really stand out. Musou Rage basically challenges players to kill away at the mobs of enemies that pop up out of thin air while Hero Chains just allows players to pull out more characters to attack simultaneously.

What is perhaps the most disappointing part of this is that I am a fan of several Koei Tecmo franchises. Surely, it is disappointing to see the absence of key characters from several franchises, but the sheer fun of Warriors All Stars surely softens the blow. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough of that.


Reviewed on: PS4; Also Available on: PC; Publisher: Koei Tecmo; Developer: Omega Force; Players: Multiplayer; Released: August 29, 2017; ESRB: Teen; MSRP: $59.99, Official site

Davis Fan[Review] Warriors All Stars Shoots For the Moon and Misses