[Review] Splatoon 2 Makes a Quality Splash

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This sequel is to a popular Nintendo flagship franchise is just that. It’s a good game though.

Splatoon’s concept of a paint-based FPS offers both a playful style and ambiance that Nintendo can only hope to reproduce (looking at you Mario + Raving Rabbids).

Things I Liked

The pacing of the game makes it much more enjoyable. There’s never a slow or dull moment in this sequel. Whether it’d be in the story mode (consisting of stages where you just shoot robots really and fight bosses) or Turf Wars (where you shoot the floor for dominance in 4v4 matches), you’re constantly moving and shooting for survival.

The aesthetic of the squid universe and the hub world is perfection to the game’s happy-go-lucky tone. The     Hub World is bright and sparkling. That shine combined with the colorfulness of the inklings and paint really builds their tone. Pearl and Marina as characters really support this – I mean – their show’s called Off The Hook (there’s some underlying dark humor for their world, but that only adds to that carefree tone this universe has).

Salmon Run is one of the most fun minigames I’ve played in a while. In a squad of four, you’re positioned on a small area to fight off waves of 9 different minibosses among other robots in a COD-zombies style survival game. These bosses then drop salmon roe, which your team has to collect each round to make it to the next, forcing the player to balance killing robots for survival and collecting roe to make it to the next level. It’s literally the best part of playing Splatoon to me; however there is a major drawback. This game mode is only available a day at a time, and while there is a broadcasted schedule for when Salmon Run is open, eventually, Nintendo will force gamers to pay for online gaming, meaning a paid subscription will be required by next year to play Salmon Run as well as Turf Wars.

Things I Was Like Eh About

After a while, gameplay reeks of repetitiveness. The same thing happened to Overwatch, as well as FPS games. The joy from shooting down and blowing up enemies declines and you’re left without reason to play. The solution arrives with Salmon Run, and then departs again with Salmon Run.

No local multiplayer. You need multiple Switches and multiple copies of the game to play with others (actually a shame).

Splatoon 2 is well-designed, comical, and Salmon Run is the best. It has flaws, but that doesn’t stop it from being a quality game.


Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch; Developer: Nintendo EPD; Players: Single-player, Multiplayer(Online); Released: July 21, 2017; ESRB: E; MSRP: $59.99, Official site

Matthew Bahk[Review] Splatoon 2 Makes a Quality Splash