[Preview] Brawlout Has Potential,

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I had very high hopes for Brawlout because I am an avid fan of fighting games, specifically for the intense action and crazy competition they bring. At the stage of development the game is in right now, I feel as if it just doesn’t have that magic that most fighting games have yet. There are just way too many flaws and minor details that have just not been corrected, which ultimately made this a less than enjoyable experience.

What I Liked

Able to Play AI Matches in Queue: Whenever you queue up in any game mode that requires more players to be found, you are able to play AI matches to keep yourself warmed up and entertained while you are waiting. For reasons I state in the “What I Didn’t Like Section”, this was probably the most enjoyable feature.

Local Multiplayer Included: I was skeptical as to how this would work out at first, seeing as though two people would be using my keyboard at the same time, but it worked out beautifully. With the controls being very simple, both my partner and I had ample hand room to cover all of the controls comfortably. Since I do not own any steam controllers, this aspect and how well it works was a huge plus for me.

What I Didn’t Like

Dead Community/Long Wait Times: Trying to find a ranked match in this game, or just any match in general was just horrid. My wait times for ranked matches were at least fifteen minutes consistently. Ranked is usually my preferred game mode, but I got tired of waiting and went to the unranked lobby, which still had pretty long wait times. The community of this game is practically dead, and it’s still in Early Access.

No Real Combos: After playing this game and every single character, as well as playing online against others as much as I could, I feel as if I never really witnessed a true combo. What I mean is most “combos” in this game are just simple jab combos that require you to just mash one button. It yields a high percentage, but it is definitely not a combo by any means. Other than these jab combos, its near impossible to follow up on moves you have performed, because the hit stun that your opponent receives is almost nonexistent, forcing people to have a hit-and-run playstyle.

Lack of Characters: For being in Early Access, this should not be a thing to complain about, but the release date of the game for the Xbox One and PS4 is Q3 of 2017, which we are in right now. There are only six playable characters with three under “Coming Soon” status. I feel like Brawlout should be much farther along development wise if they are going to release the game to consoles, as having only six playable characters does not bring a lot of variety. Having a bigger cast will ultimately bring about more problems, balancing being one, but these issues can be hashed out in Early Access.

Since Brawlout has yet to see an official release, Angry Mob Games should focus on polishing and maybe redefining some aspects of their game to make it much cleaner. Hopefully when the game does see an official release, there will be much more content and fine-tuned gameplay.

Gabriel Macias[Preview] Brawlout Has Potential,