[Review] AereA: Musical Madness

In PC by Will Wong

Single-player RPGs are one of my favorite genres not just because I have no friends, but also because of the thousands  of combinations between stats and weapons and abilities. In addition, I adore the grinds for epic weapons and mass EXP gains, but unfortunately AereA has none of this, but it does have a cool musical theme.

What I Liked

Graphics– I really liked the more colorful, cartoonish design of the game as opposed to a more detailed and realistic design. Thematically, I also liked how well the developers were able to blend the music theme to the visuals.

What I Didn’t Like

Difficulty and Balance- I found this to be far too easy. Usually I whine about how hard a game is, but in AereA I felt as no matter what level you were most of the monsters on the floor could easily be one shot. In addition, most classes in the games have easy melee classes which don’t require much positioning and ranged classes which are considerably squishier and need some skill to effectively deal damage. For some reason in this game, the mage class takes almost no skill and does insane amounts of damage so much so that most bosses can be beaten in less than 30 seconds, which makes it considerably less challenging and fun.

Repetitive – Overall I just felt like this game was really repetitive and boring. Though I do enjoy the grind in games, this grind was usually going into the same dungeon at least five times for different quests, while the dungeon patterns remained the same and the monsters don’t drop anything special.

Lack of Variation– Like I said before, one of the reasons I like RPGs so much is the amounts of variables and items that can be found, this game doesn’t have that. Every character in the game is assigned a weapon that can’t really be upgraded, so character customization is essentially dead. Because of that there aren’t any drops that can be farmed which I find pretty fun. The only really customization in AereA is stats which is a necessity in most games anyways and simply not satisfying.

Overall, I’d say this game has the right idea because its were more of a casual fun game meant for friends rather than an intense grind, but for my hardcore tastes, I would not recommend AereA considering it high price point and lack of details.


Reviewed on: PC; Also Available on: PS4, Xbox One; Publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing Developer: Triangle Studios; Players: Singleplayer, Multiplayer; Released: June 2, 2017; ESRB: E10+; MSRP: $29.99, Official site

Note: A promotional code was provided to Denkiphile for review purposes by the publisher

Will Wong[Review] AereA: Musical Madness