[Review] Valkyrie Drive – BHIKKHUNI: Tonight We Bounce Back

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I’ll be honest. Most “beat ’em ups” have the same dull combat mechanics that involves spamming the same combo over and over. But what differentiates the good from the bad are spectacular story lines and artwork. Fortunately, this game is pretty decent in that respect, but it doesn’t overshadow its brawler genre.

What I Liked

Anime Titties– ‘Nuff said.

Artwork– Though the combat mechanics and the boob physics engine conflicted heavily with each other creating unpleasant, jiggly game play, the actual official artwork of the game was very well done, fitting the lighthearted theme with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Voice Acting– All the voice actresses were very unique and fit the characters’ descriptions well, almost like they were voiced to anime stereotypes.

PlotValkyrie Drive follows a plot similar to that of Harry Potter. Some kids with supernatural powers go to a magical school, where they develop friendships and enemies and together they learn about some dark secret the school has hidden. Even though it sounds super cookie cutter, I found the twists to be somewhat entertaining.

Soundtrack– It was average. I didn’t find anything outstanding or terrible about. Nothing really stood out in particular.

What I didn’t Like

Visuals– Though I did like the official artwork, the actual in game visuals were ugly and very pixelly.

Dialogue– I often found the dialogue to be long and repetitive. Although there was the option to skip the voices, there was too text that did very little to build the characters.

Combat– Fighting was boring and repetitive. As with most brawlers, I often repeated the same combo over and over for what felt like years at a time just to clear a few mobs.

Characters– Aside from the single developed character I liked, the rest of the cast was relatively underwhelming. Most of the characters were very stereotypical of any high school based show with standard cliches like the good girl, the girl that’s low key a bitch and betrays everyone, and the pretentious classmate who is at the top of the class. Most of the characters remained undeveloped despite the large amounts of text and screen time. In combat the characters also felt very one dimensional and unbalanced where one broken character with range and speed could trump all the others.

Infinite Load Screen– One of the most obnoxious things in this game was this bug where anytime you were to go into a load screen, it would be stuck, which would often result in restarts. Thankfully auto save is a thing but constantly having to restart was really annoying.


Reviewed on: PC; Also Available on: Vita; Publisher: Marvelous Developer: Meteroise, Honey Parade Games; Players: Singleplayer, Multiplayer; Released: June 20, 2017; ESRB: M; MSRP: $26.99

Note: A promotional code was provided to Denkiphile for review purposes by the publisher

Will Wong[Review] Valkyrie Drive – BHIKKHUNI: Tonight We Bounce Back