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I Am The Hero is a indie fighting throwback at old browser and arcade games that just overflow with nostalgia.

Back when I was a wee lad with only a family PC and a lack of  game knowledge, one of the few joys I had was going on either cartoonnetwork.com or nick.com (before it was trash) and playing browser games featuring some of my favorite characters from TV shows like Ben 10 and Danny Phantom. I felt that this game in particular, captured the basic combos and gritty fighting styles that was essentially the entire identity of those old browser games outside of the actual characters.

Likewise, mechanically the game is pretty simple. Controls within the game are relatively simple, consisting of basic movement with “WASD” and “JKL” for attacking. Similar to most fighting games, combos can be made with directional inputs in tandem with attacking leading to various. For this particular game I really enjoyed the “easy to play but hard to master” aspect of the controls, as I found myself doing several air combos with relative ease, but they were always short lived. But of course, there are combo finisher moves that I just adored using that could obliterate entire mobs. Completing each stage gives players the choice of upgrading their ultimate ability or adding a new character, essentially another life. Now I found the upgraded ability to be vastly superior, because this new guy often lacked a move pool, denying any hope of performing combos.

Story wise, the game revolves a vigilante whose sole purpose is to be a bad ass. Throughout the game, the player basically kicks around gangsters and street thugs ranging from trying to bring justice to just because they look shady. Within, there are various enemies that the player can encounter, including this green hooded guy that’s actually busted who’s attack is dashing around infinitely. Really obnoxious. One problem I found with the game play, was the lack of recovery items. Often after having to fight several mobs of enemies I would only have a sliver of health proceeding into my next mob pounding. But that could also be me sucking ass at games again. Only god knows.

One slightly offensive feature I found was this extremely stereotypical gay enemy that you could encounter. Essentially a really overweight man dressed in pink who’s only real move was a throwing his body at you to kiss you. Which coincidentally would leave you stunned for a few seconds. Now I thought this was somewhat funny, but I could see why others would take offense to this.

I am The Hero also features MY FAVORITE indie pixel graphics. Though usually I adore it when indie developers have good pixelart, I felt I Am The Hero just didn’t live up visually to the standard of other indie developers that have released more beautiful games earlier. The art was just not distinctive enough for me to call it good.

However, I found the music to be like its gameplay, in that it was also very nostalgic. The attacking noises as well as the background music fit extremely well with the arcade style that the game fit into that, while still retaining a very original and awe-inspiring sound.

Overall, I think I Am The Hero might not be one of the most visually appealing games, but because of its gritty style, it really blends well with the overall nostalgic and arcade style that this particular fighting game overflows with.


  • Abundance of nostalgia
  • Steady learning curve
  • Addictive combos
  • Classic sound effects


  • Not easy on the eyes
  • A bit challenging due to lack of recovery


Reviewed on: PC; Publisher: Crazyant Developer: Crazyant; Players: Singleplayer, Co-op; Released: January 16, 2017; ESRB: N/A; MSRP: $9.99; Official Site

Note: A promotional code was provided to Denkiphile for review purposes by the publisher

Will Wong[Review] I Am The Hero – Call me Saitama