[Review] Your Star – An Original Game that Lacks Originality

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I don’t know why this keeps happening to me. But I either just really suck as adventure games or they have just been getting progressively harder. Your Star is no exception.

Your Star opens its plot like several other horror survival games in which the main character, a young boy, has no recollection of who and where he is. However,  this story is severely tuned down, where rather than some flimsy unreliable flashlight, the main character has a magical illuminating teddy bear missing several of its limbs. Likewise, the main focus of the plot is for the boy to fix his teddy bear as well as survive the house he’s in and find his missing sister.

Starting up this game, the first thing I noticed were the unique artwork found in Your Star. The “edgy” and unfinished style look that the game took added tremendously to the mood of the game paralleling the incomplete memories of the main character.

Gameplay is  a bit difficult, though I’m not sure if it was my lack of survival game experience outside of the occasional Minecraft run, but controlling the bear as a flashlight while at the same time using it as a weapon made the game harder. The main enemies of Your Star are these spooky ghosties that attack you that constantly respawn depending on how long you spend in a single area. In addition the management of resources such as mind and will that control basically your health and the “battery” of the flashlight made it much more nerve racking.

Aside from the ghosties, another aspect of the game were the timed puzzles. Though initially I thought the puzzles were decently easy, because they followed very classic designs found in many games, they progressively got harder, along with the fact that they were timed, just made it sort of a mess to deal with. But I did like that it added to the overall theme of how short on time the main character had.

The soundtrack was also a bit goofy. It almost felt as if the music belonged in like a Ghostbusters movie rather than this survival game. Trying to survive ghosts just did not fit with this game musically.

Another big problem I found while playing through the game were several bugs. In particular one of these bugs prevented me from saving so after dying a first time, I had to restart the game. Other bugs I found caused the protagonist to become stuck in walls, and unable to attack during boss fights. Though this does seem like a problem, I must commend the developer, as he is actively looking through posts on Steam discussions, looking for and patching any reported bugs almost the next the day. So props to you natahem.

Overall, though I found the game decently challenging and the art to be super appealing; the amount of bugs that first show up make this a questionable buy for someone looking for a casual horror survival puzzle game.


  • Solid Art
  • Developer is a hard working guy
  • Decent challenge of a game


  • Lots of bugs
  • Soundtrack is really goofy for a horror game
  • Lacks original concepts



Reviewed on: PC; Publisher: natahem Developer: natahem; Players: Singleplayer; Released: January 2, 2017; ESRB: M; MSRP: $6.99; Official Site

Will Wong[Review] Your Star – An Original Game that Lacks Originality