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Most horror games these days are starting to rely heavily on jump scares and frankly it’s starting to feel old and cheap . The redundant jump scare is being over-saturated and slowly killing the horror genre, but few games are doing their best to stand out from the cliche, and Kidnapped is definitely one trying to go above and beyond.

Kidnapped brings a story driven horror game  where the goal is to basically explore and escape from a huge creepy manor. Throughout the game there is a narrator explaining what the the player is feeling kinda like a book. The narration is decent but personally it felt like it could’ve been better with out it. Throughout the game is a series of puzzles that the player must do in order to advance. There were moments where the player is tasked to finding keys and had to use clues or note that were around the building to locate them, which seemed decent at first. Yet eventually the game continues to throw more puzzles that ended up feeling more of a chore than of a fun teasing stimuli.

Gameplay is a simple first person adventure game. The game is filled with stuff you can interact with, like picking up a can and examine it but there’s really no point in doing so. Eventually after some time the player  will find a gun and the game becomes a first person survivor shooter to some degree, but that is if ammo is saved and not wasted. There is also an annoying feature where you open, pick up, and shoot are all the same button (left mouse click). I found myself wasting bullets by randomly shooting at a door instead of opening it at the right angle. As annoying as it may be, the game does a good job holding up so far. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed later on.

The game’s atmosphere is solid, giving creepy vibes; the random clicking noises going throughout hallways echoing around and random volume of a  heartbeat spiking adds a good sense of immersion. There were times where it was the audio that was stealing the show for making a great performance of terror and thrill. The vague small sounds that can be heard from far away or the echoing footsteps are what made me start to sweat a bit and become very cautious and nervous. These were the kinds of chills that I had when I played P.T. and I loved it. Eventually the game begins to feel repetitive as well with its sound where it just becomes predictable that the booming sounds of whatever is around become annoying because usually there is nothing there.

Overall the game does a good job trying to be unique with it’s narrative, atmosphere , and gameplay. Deceptive Games made something that is spooky , decent, and affordable. Kidnapped is a good try if you happen to be bored of all the repetitive jump scare games that are flooding the market. If you’re into story, getting spooked, and doing a lot of puzzles, then go out and give it a shot.

Note: A promotional code was provided to Denkiphile for preview purposes by the publisher

Chris Ramos[Game Preview] Kidnapped (PC) – The Spookening