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Denkiphile Wants Writers!

In News by Davis Fan

Denkiphile wants writers! We want proficient writers who are skilled in their respective genres to join our team.

Candidates should be relative experts in their respective genres, possess proficient writing and communication skills, and have a desire to help Denkiphile evolve into a hub for hardcore and niche games. Prior experience isn’t necessary but definitely a plus. If you have the passion but not the experience, we can help with that!


  • College level writing is a minimum
  • Expertise in a genre of games or scene in games
  • Passion for sharing your voice about gaming
  • Understanding the needs of online journalism (punctuality matters!)
  • Access to current generation gaming
  • Some experience with image editing/resizing software

If you feel you fit the criteria, then apply via email to with the following:

  • Subject name: Denkiphile Wants Writers! Full Name
  • City, state, and country
  • Email address and preferred method of contact
  • A writing sample (review or opinion piece with a maximum of 1000 words)
  • Availability (how often can you write?)
  • Any previous experience
  • Preferred genre or scene to cover
  • Whether you would like to contribute to Denkiphile in other ways (YouTube, Twitch, social media, etc.)

Please note that this is not a paid position. In fact, nobody at Denkiphile is paid. However, if you’ve ever wanted to a be a part of the gaming press or share your passion for video games, then it’s a prime opportunity! We look forward to hearing from you!

Davis FanDenkiphile Wants Writers!