Most Underrated Games of 2014

In Feature, Op-ed by Dustin Leon

2014 was a big year for the video game industry. Here are just a few titles released last year: Destiny, Metal Gear Soild : Ground Zeros, Super Smash Brothers, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Sunset Overdrive, I didn’t even scratching the surface. With that kind of line up, fantastic games are left in the dust, never played or looked into. Well, here at Denkiphile we want to acknowledge those games. Each member of our staff picked one game that they highly recommend you check them out before the release of the next big thing that’ll consume your time.

Davis Fan: Both Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2 came out in 2014 and were enormous hits for NIS. Gamers who don’t usually stray towards the company’s JRPG or S-RPG offerings may be hesitant to pick this one up, but the detective/argument-style visual novel offers some of the best writing I’ve seen from gaming in a while. Few games can make lovable characters out of simply portraits and text, but the Danganronpa series has done so beautifully.


Brian Hurtado: I’m giving most underrated to Lethal League. It’s a great game to add to your weekly game nights, as it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play and incredibly fun once everyone is on board. It’s basically four player Pong, with the ball getting increasingly faster with each hit. What starts as a reasonably paced match will turn into a frenzied screamfest as the ball heads your way. And with unique characters with special abilities that change the flow of the game, matches never seem to get boring.


Chris Ramos: Most underrated would have to go to Gang Beasts. It’s a simple multiplayer fighting game that is absurd and hilarious to play with friends. I never had so much joy being a chubby wrestler grabbing my friends and throwing them to their deaths in a hilarious way. The game is still being worked on and it is in early access but so far it has a lot of potential that I believe will come through. I can sense many friendships to be ruined and a lot of salt forming soon.


Dustin Leon: The Legend of Korra is unfortunately one of the most underrated games I’ve played all year. Platinum Games delivered an amazing title for the time and budget they had and in my opinion, thats its only fault. If enough time and money was invested by Activision to distribute a full retail game(instead of a digital download), The Legend Of Korra would be perfect. It already has all the elements Platinum Games pours into their character action games, extensive combos, unlockables, replayability value, all accompanied by a great art direction. Imagine executing a perfect combination utilizing all the elements available, even if you’re not a fan of the television series, I guarantee you’ll keep coming back to it. Activision better acknowledge the success Platinum Games’ accomplishment with the title and fund a fully retailed game in the future.


Kevin Kartanata: Despite being one of the best shooters of the year, Insurgency still isn’t where I think it should be, like, oh, I dunno, on everyone’s hard drives. This is particularly confusing because its potent combination of twitch gunplay and hardcore damage models blends two different styles of the shooter genre into one without compromising on fun or playability, which is the video game equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Anyone looking to play won’t be starved for active servers or people, but I’m seriously surprised at why more people aren’t getting in on Insurgency because not only does it play great, it continues to be supported with content updates from NWI. What more could you want?


Eldon Tsan: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is a game that I’ve seen very few people talk about, which is a shame because it’s probably the best 3DS game and possibly best game overall that was released this year. 3DS and music rhythm games are the perfect match, and being able to play songs that are out of Final Fantasy games is a magical feeling. There’s a lot of replayability as well with the randomly generated dungeons and RPG system for the game. Hopefully Square Enix makes another sequel for it because I would definitely buy it day one


Each of these games are fantastic and deserve recognition for being fantastic. Unfortunately, there are great hidden gems that are out on the market and get devoured by the excitement and marketing of AAA titles. Keep and eye out for all the indie games on Steam, Playstation Network and Xbox Marketplace this year and be more diverse in the video games you purchase and play. Maybe that hidden gem will struck a cord with you and surpass all the AAA titles that come out in 2015.

Dustin LeonMost Underrated Games of 2014