BurNIng and Rotk Retire

In eSports, News by Ian Williams

This week saw the departure of two of the most legendary Chinese players, one hard carry and one offlaner. BurNIng was one of the most respected carries in all of Dota for a long time, not just in China. There’s a skill build for Anti-Mage that he developed and is referred to as “the BurNIng build”, where you get one point in Blink, Mana Break, and Spell Shield, then spend several points on stats, not skipping the ult, Mana Void, of course. This skill build has proved time and time to again to be effective, in many situations. Also notable are his Weaver and his terrifying TI2-era Morphling. He plans on sticking with his team, DK to help coach and scout out new talent for their team. Also plans on doing casting/commentary with Rotk.

Rotk, the offlaner in this story, was an incredibly solid player capable of making so much from so little. As an offlane player, he’s thrown into really difficult situations to play with the basic premise of “annoy the shit out of the other guys and don’t die”. No selfish farming or even experience gains. Be annoying, then rotate around and help us win the mid-game. The most extraordinary of all his heroes was his Clockwerk. During the third International, Clockwerk was one of the most favored offlaners in the game, with his ult stunning through magic immunity and the crazy output of damage from Battery Assault, he disrupted fights and picked off solo heroes to kill them like no other. Rotk was able to do what many thought would never happen during that tournament, such as this 4 hero power cog. Being able to cause so much chaos from such a huge distance struck fear in many opponents, and led to his team, Vici Gaming, to a successful run at that International, as well as the most recent one. Rotk is going to also cast while retired, along with BurNIng, a huge asset to the non-player side of the Dota community in China. No word yet as to who will replace either of these players for their respective teams.

Ian WilliamsBurNIng and Rotk Retire