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[Friday Five] Five Games to Get Hyped For at E3 2014

In Feature, Friday Five by Kevin Kartanata

Has it already been a year? I’m assuming it has since E3 has come once again to provide us with the hopes and dreams that will sustain us for the next 9-12 months. This year’s E3 will hopefully be the first to get the ball rolling with next-gen consoles. Here are some picks of games to look out for at this year’s convention.


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Bungie’s first new IP since Halo was revealed at last year’s E3 with a gameplay video and since then, they’ve slowly revealed bits and pieces about this ambitious multiplayer shooter. Bungie has had a history of developing very well-received single-player shooters with competitive multiplayer modes, but Destiny is essentially an MMO, which they have little experience in. I am, however, interested to see where they take the game. With the beta launching on the PS3 and PS4 in July, Destiny will most likely be playable in some form.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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We have enough Metal Gear fans on staff for me to know that the release of Phantom Pain will allow them to finally lead rich, fulfilling lives. Kojima’s decision to split the game’s release into two portions resulted in the development and release of Ground Zeroes, which, while well-received, is essentially a $40 demo. Phantom Pain in any form (Ground Zeroes or otherwise) besides a cinematic trailer did not appear at last year’s E3. If Ground Zeroes is any indication of progress, Kojima Productions hopefully has something playable to show this year.

Star Wars Battlefront

Battlefront II Battle

C’mon, Star Wars Battlefront? Possibly the best Star Wars game of all time? EA showed a very brief teaser at last year’s show that got me ridiculously excited. At the time, DICE and Battlefront seemed like a match made in combined-arms heaven, but Battlefield 4‘s rocky release has me uneasy about this reboot. I would love to see how the game is doing, but Battlefield Hardline, which will reportedly be ready for an October release (as opposed to Battlefront‘s Q2/2 2015) may make a bigger spectacle for EA.

Kingdom Hearts 3

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Last year’s announcement gave hope to the starved masses of Kingdom Hearts fans the world over since its disappearance from home consoles almost a decade ago. A short clip of gameplay showing off its next-gen visuals and some very familiar Kingdom Hearts combat was shown at the Disney D23 Expo Japan in October of last year but since then there has been silence on more details. With the game reported to be ready for release in either 2015 or 2016, I’m doubtful that a playable demo would be available but one can dream.

Game of Thrones

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I’m a disgustingly devoted Game of Thrones fan, the kind that watches the show even though I’ve read the books, because the only thing worse than waiting for The Winds of Winter is waiting for The Winds of Winter while twiddling your thumbs. I’m actually not a huge fan of any of either The Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us, but the announcement of a Telltale-developed Game of Thrones adaptation got my attention. Previous Game of Thrones games have been lackluster to say the least, but I have faith that if any developer can deliver an experience faithful to the books or TV series, it’s probably Telltale.

What’s even more fun than E3 is watching as the games you thought would succeed crash and burn after riding a hype train without any breaks. It’s ridiculously easy to get overhyped for games, especially when there’s a convention made specifically for that goal in mind. Get excited, get hype, but keep salt on hand to make sure you aren’t in for crushing disappointment in a couple months.

Kevin Kartanata[Friday Five] Five Games to Get Hyped For at E3 2014