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[Denki for Listening] Episode 48 “A VGX Post-Mortem”

In Podcast by Kevin Kartanata

On this week’s live-recorded podcast, Davis (twin)sticks and moves in Savant Ascent, and Grant and Kevin walk the earth in No More Room in Hell. In news, we talk at length about the VGXs, and Telltale announcements.

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3:00 – Finals and Icy Hot

5:00 – Davis plays Savant Ascent, we talk about analog sticks and the obsolescence of “rare” games

14:00 – Struggling to play Saints Row 2 and Dead Rising 2

17:25 – Grant and Kevin play No More Room in Hell, we talk about indie development

28:45 – MMR: Match Making Racism

34:50 – The VGX’s, industry personalities, sports games, our displeasure with the awards in general

45:40 – Most Anticipated Game

47:20 – Character of the Year

47:50 – Best Mobile Game, we complain about arcade versions of mobile titles

49:35 – Game of the Year

50:45 – Best Action Adventure Game

52:40 – Best RPG

53:45 – Best Fighting Game

55:30 – Studio of the Year, we complain about vague qualifications

57:10 – Best Shooter, which we hate

58:50 – Best Sports Game

59:20 – Best Indie Game, Kevin complains about Gone Home, we talk 50 Shades of Grey and fanfiction

1:07:35 – Best Driving Game

1:08:30 – Best DLC

1:09:50 – Best Xbox Game

1:10:35 – Best Playstation Game

1:11:40 – Best Nintendo Game

1:12:30 – Best Handheld Game

1:13:45 – Best Casual Game

1:14:35 – Best Voice Actor, we discuss acting in video games versus movies

1:15:15 – Best Voice Actress

1:16:05 – Best Soundtrack

1:17:00 – Best Song in a Game

1:18:35 – VGX musical performances and dead crowds

1:20:45 – VGX trailers/announcements including The Division and No Man’s Sky

1:25:25 – Telltale announces a Game of Thrones game and Tales From the Borderlands, we talk about The Walking Dead and point-and-click games

1:33:30 – We look at the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 and talk about Final Fantasy 8Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and discuss who is edger: Cloud or Squall?

Kevin Kartanata[Denki for Listening] Episode 48 “A VGX Post-Mortem”