Steam Controller Demonstration Video

In Video Spotlight by Kevin Kartanata

The Steam Controller announcement left the Denkiphile staff divided, but we all agreed that our main concern was whether or not it could deliver on its claims of mouse simulation. It seems that Valve thought so too, and they’ve uploaded a video demonstrating the use of the beta version of the Steam Controller (identified by its lack of touchpad) in Portal 2, Civilization V, Counter-strike: Global Offensive, and Papers, Please.

Its use across multiple games certainly shows that it is as configurable as Valve claims, but the CS:GO demonstration is particularly interesting, considering the iron-fisted grip that keyboard and mouse has on the PC FPS. That being said, whether or not a Steam Controller-equipped CT could defuse a bomb as well as his KBM-wielding counterparts is something that remains to be seen.

The beta opt-in for the Steam Controller and Steam Machine can be located here.

Source: Youtube

Kevin KartanataSteam Controller Demonstration Video