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Valve Announces Steam Controller

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As their final announcement of the week, Valve has announced the release of the Steam Controller. Designed specifically for all Steam games, the controller will be wireless and forgoes the traditional analog stick/face button configuration, instead using two circular “haptic trackpads,” which, aside from being very high resolution will offer high precision feedback to the player and the game. The controller also features a touchpad in the center, similar to the PS4’s Dualshock 4, which can be used as a menu or map, and the entire screen can be used as a clickable button. Just like SteamOS, the controller will be “hackable,” and Valve plans to release tools to make all components of the controller, that is, the actual design and function of the controller, allowing end users to provide the community with useful modifications.

If you’ve opted in to the Steam Machine beta, you are also “registered” for the Steam controller, the process of which is detailed here.

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Kevin KartanataValve Announces Steam Controller