Starladder 7 – September 23rd, Geomancing Intensifies

In eSports by Ian Williams

Dota 2 league Starladder is a very long tournament, the online part taking multiple months to finish before the LAN event. Because of this, you’re pretty likely to see some fun games with interesting picks, as each individual game is not as crucial. Couple this with the fact that there are games that can mean nothing for a team, as they still have scheduled games but are not in a position where it’s possible to go to the offline event and you get things like, a Meepo!

Era, Fnatic’s normal 1 position player was not able to attend the game on the 23rd, so Fnatic was forced to use a stand-in for this game. Fly, their drafter, hinted that N0tail was going to be playing the hard carry for their match and that pretty much sealed the deal: there was going to be a Meepo in this game. Fnatic’s draft actually looked really solid, defensive trilane with an Abaddon and a Visage against an offlane Timbersaw meant that the Meepo was going to be able to secure a fast level 6, and then hopefully just skyrocket. Couple this with a Dark Seer in the offlane who can help get a specific Meepo away and a Troll Warlord ultimate buffing up every Meepo, the lineup could actually take down their opponents in the International 3 runner-up team, Natus Vincere.

Despite all of this, Timbersaw still absolutely shreds Meepos, and Navi also had Chen and Rubick, heroes they don’t often lose with. By the 15 minute mark they had a huge lead over Fnatic and the game just slowly ended from there. But it’s okay, Fnatic were playing the game for entertainment, and they delivered.

Ian WilliamsStarladder 7 – September 23rd, Geomancing Intensifies