Dreamhack Bucharest Recap

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Dreamhack Bucharest concluded early Sunday by west coast time, with quite a few surprises in their Starcraft tournament along the way. First off, in the second group stage, Dimaga 2-0’d that one Terran guy, I think his name is Flash? Crank 2-0’d Innovation on that same day. We also saw people like TLO and MMA go 3-0 in their group, two players in particular that have been pretty quiet with results. Despite all of the hype that the group stages got, there were only two non-Koreans in the bracket play, Elfi and Nerchio, who were tasked with denying 14 Koreans a major title.

The brackets set off with a few names that people would not have normally expected to see in this part of the tournament, namely Yugioh, Alicia, Avenge, and Stardust. One thing that was expected though was Innovation, who was seeded into the top of the bracket, he went on to beat HerO, Elfi, and MMA, dropping just one map along the way. There happened to be someone who has won a Dreamhack before waiting for him on the other side of the finals – Taeja. An interesting thing to note is that there were 5 Terrans at the start of the bracket, and there was a Terran versus Terran finals. Koreans, especially Korean Terrans are really on another level than the rest of the races it appears.

The finals were as interesting as they were one-sided. Taeja completely dominated Innovation, beating him 3-0 in a very quick series. In that series we saw mech versus bio, proxy reaper versus proxy reaper, and overall some fantastic execution from Taeja. The first game was arguable the most entertaining of the three, the game lasts more than 35 minutes and at one point it basically becomes battlecruiser versus widow mine. His Terran versus Terran is incredibly scary at this stage, nothing really caught him off guard, everything he executed seemed so carefree and effortless. Seeing such a one-sided series does raise some questions about Innovation, mainly his inconsistency. Maybe it’s just his Terran versus Terran that needs work? Could be, and he only has one Terran in his Code S round of 16 group in the likes of Jjakji. And Taeja? Well, we may not see him for a while, as he is not in Code S this season, but there will surely be a significant amount of momentum behind this guy the next time he plays in a competition.

Ian WilliamsDreamhack Bucharest Recap