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[Denki for Listening] Episode 35 “Only Tangentially Related”

In Podcast by Kevin Kartanata

In this week’s live-recorded, tangent-laden podcast, Grant slogs through Dark and revisits his home country in Time and Eternity, Kevin takes an elevator up to the Killing Floor, Davis plays as little girls in Mamorukun Curse! and a unicorn in Robot Unicorn Attack 2. In news, we discuss Ultra Street Fighter 4, a former Tera dev’s Unreal Engine-based MMO, the announcement of a new Strider game, and the Saints Row 4 voicecast.

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1:45 – Radio, podcasting, and middle-aged fashion

8:00 – Grant is forced to play vampire-goff “stealth” game Dark and frolicks through Time and Eternity, and we discuss, among other things, hypothetical girlfriend dads, school uniform regulations and Davis’ first EVO.

34:30 – Kevin kills the floor in Killing Floor and laments the lack of skilled play

47:20 – Davis descends into bullet hell in Mamorukun Curse! and plays Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and its lack of appropriate music

56:15 – EVO 2013

1:06:15 – The announcement of Ultra Street Fighter 4 and the relative nerdiness of SF4 and WoW players aaaand porn stars.

1:20:30 – Former TERA developer to make a new MMO on Unreal Engine 4, we discuss MMOs once again and Kevin gets mad about TERA

1:31:00 – The announcement of a new Strider game and we discuss Japanese game development

1:45:00 – The voice cast of Saints Row 4 and we discuss the franchise’s presence as a sandbox game, Kevin earns the ire of ’90s comedy fans the world over and finality

2:11:10 – We lament the lack of new releases but discuss Final Fantasy X

Kevin Kartanata[Denki for Listening] Episode 35 “Only Tangentially Related”