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[Friday Five] Reasons the PS4 is Still a Better Choice Than the Xbox One

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I have a confession to make: I’m a Sony fanboy. I’ve owned Sony consoles almost exclusively since the PSX. With Microsoft’s recent announcement of their change of plans regarding DRM for the Xbox One, it would seem that the console is now a legitimate competitor to the PS4 and I’m getting a bit worried for the electronics giant. After all, it has Twitch integration, a better launch lineup, and a bevy of announced exclusives that make Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall hardly seem like the system sellers they should be. Despite all that, I’m still confident that the PS4 has some strengths that make the system superior to the next Microsoft system and will make it sell.

More Power

Sure, it hardly matters when it comes to third party titles, but let’s not forget that the PS4 is a much more powerful system with its 8 GB of GDDR5 ram. The potential is there, but we just have to wait for developers to utilize it. The difference will hardly be noticeable in the beginning, but I’m sure that will change down the line. When more exclusives start coming, there should be a stark difference between how PS4 titles will look as compared to the Xbox One’s titles. Speaking of which…

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Better Exclusives Down the Line

Shooter fans may welcome the return of the Halo franchise to Microsoft’s next system, but it was hardly unexpected. On top of that, Forza? Really? Any racing game fan knows that the Gran Turismo series outshines it in every way possible. For core gamers, let’s not forget Naughty Dog. This studio has shown so much growth since the days of Crash Bandicoot to now, creating blockbuster titles Uncharted and the recent critically successful The Last of Us. I get the chills just thinking about what they will be able to make with the PS4 and I await it eagerly.

Remote Play Knack

Remote Play

Though it was available on the PS3, remote play via the PSP was a hardly used by anyone who cared for precision in their games. However, it seems that lag will be eliminated for the most part in Sony’s next system, much like the case with the Wii U. On top of that, it seems that Sony is requiring most studios to make use of it, meaning that the few who did jump onboard to buy a Vita will be rewarded handsomely. I’m not going to mince words here – I’m lazy and would like to stay on my bed as much as possible; the Wii U already gives me that, so I’m just waiting for Sony to do the same.

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Indie Support

Sony realizes the importance of indie titles and have shown them full support with their next console. Even in their E3 press conference, where Sony was supposed to show off their biggest guns, they showed off ten titles. Many of these, like Outlast and Don’t Starve, already have a huge following on PCs and will reach an even larger audience on consoles. As an indie game lover myself, I’m ecstatic to see a company support indie games to the fullest. To sweeten the deal, Sony even allows indie developers to self publish, meaning that we get the full breadth of their creativity without any corporate control. When creative indie developers have control over their products, the consumers win.

Playstation 4 PS4 System

All this for $399

Alas, I must mention the price tag. With Sony’s last console launching at $499 and $599 for the 20GB and 60GB models respectively, it was a tough buy. The Xbox One’s launch price of $499 is certainly fair, but Sony’s upcoming, more powerful console launching at $399 is an absolute steal. Who can forget the thunderous roar from the crowd when Sony announced their console’s price at E3? Sure, it might have been a move to simply one-up Microsoft, but, again, consumers win. They’re getting a great deal for a great system. I can buy another game and a year of PlayStation Plus with  the extra money.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is hardly out for the count, especially when we consider the new announcement regarding their DRM plans. However, Sony’s console definitely edges out as the clear winner when it comes down to it. I’m sticking with Team Sony for the next console war and I have no doubts about the console’s success.

Davis Fan[Friday Five] Reasons the PS4 is Still a Better Choice Than the Xbox One