E3 2013 Outside

[Denki for Listening] Episode 31 “Much Ado About Vidya: A Post-E3 Special”

In Podcast by Davis Fan

On this week’s live recorded podcast, Davis, Eldon, and Kevin discuss E3 at length, including their thoughts on the Microsoft and Sony conferences and their favorite booths and games.

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1:00 – Terrible nicknames

3:30 – Davis regales us with the tale of two stupidest questions directed at Gamestop employees

8:50 – We lament the absence of playable demos of E3’s big ticket titles

10:40 – Our thoughts on the Microsoft Conference

12:30 – We discuss Titanfall and the past and present of online multiplayer

16:00 – Xbone’s streaming and video recording features and price

18:00 – Video game console nomenclature and beyond

19:50 – Kevin fondles everything but the goods on the Xbone controller

22:35 – Final thoughts on the Xbone Conference

24:35 – Our thoughts on the Sony Conference

29:05 – We discuss PS4’s launch and indie titles

31:30 – Squenix’s big reveals, Final Fantasy Versus XIII Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3

38:50 – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag‘s demo hiccup

40:50 – Sony’s used game policy and PS4 pricing and final thoughts on their conference

45:45 – We discuss our least favorite booths of E3: Ubisoft and Warner Bros

55:00 – We discuss our favorite booths of E3

55:10 – EA’s booth and our renewed faith in their brand

1:01:15 – Square Enix’s booth and Davis and Kevin complain about the Thief demo and ineptitude of participants of the Final Fantasy XIV demo

1:10:35 – Bethesda’s booth and Davis gushes about The Evil Within and we discuss Wolfenstein and Elder Scrolls Online

1:19:40 – Nintendo’s booth and its veritable cavalcade of demo stations, well-informed booth attendants, free swag, and set pieces; Davis talks about Bayonetta 2

1:29:15 – Sony’s enormous tract of land and WARFRAME NEWS (spoiler alert: Warframe was at E3)

1:33:20 – Microsoft’s booth gets an honorable mention as “Most Meh”

1:36:10 – We talk E3 swag and lanyards, lanyards, lanyards

1:39:00 – The Witcher 3‘s presentation and Eldon and Kevin’s struggle for consciousness

1:50:20 – We all fawn over Bohemia’s E3 offerings, Arma 3, Day Z, and surprise hit Take On Mars

2:01:00 – Eldon cannot contain his excitement about Namco Bandai’s Dark Souls 2

2:09:50 – Kevin talks about Payday 2, similarly plagued as the Battlefield 4 and Final Fantasy XIV demos

2:16:55 – Eldon and Kevin’s experience with Total War: Rome 2

2:23:35 – We discuss the upcoming Muramasa Rebirth

Davis Fan[Denki for Listening] Episode 31 “Much Ado About Vidya: A Post-E3 Special”