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[E3 2013] Killer is Dead Preview

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Straight from the mind of Suda51, who has created other bizarre yet lovable titles like killer7 and No More Heroes, Killer is Dead has the same qualities that the director’s fans have come to love. It was on display at this year’s E3 by publisher XSEED, which was especially exciting considering the game’s worldwide release in Summer 2013. We stopped by to give the creation a go.

Visually, the all of Suda51’s signature style, including the flushed out colors and the noir look. In addition, the design of both protagonist Mondo Zappa, who has a cybernetic arm, and Vivienne Squall in all her 16-armed glory are sure to satisfy any fan of Suda51’s previous works.

For the most part, the game is a hack-and-slasher. Cut an enemy enough times and  the game would sometimes initiate an execution sequence, whereby players choose one of four face buttons, each of which yields a different animation and reward, ranging from health to additional blood packs. These help him execute enemies by pressing a shoulder button and slash, but only if they’re weak grunts or stronger enemies who have been whittled down.

In addition to hacking away at enemies with his sword, Mondo can also use his cybernetic arm, which has been augmented with several different weapons. While the demo really didn’t require players to use it as more than a gun, the full release will see players using it as a drill, amongst other oddities. Even here, the signature style of the game is retained even in the gameplay.

Anyone who’s followed the game must surely have heard of the Gigolo mode, and if you haven’t been following the game, then you will want to after finding out about this. Thrown throughout the game, this mode tests players’ ability to seduce virtual women; it boils down to staring at her assets anytime she’s not looking towards the player; when she does look towards Mondo, be sure to look away in order stop her from getting displeased. Success will lead to players giving her a present, and her returning the favor with both a weapon and another “present.” Embarrassed moments at E3 ensued. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to play this in public.

For all his quirky humor and style, Suda51’s always made great action games and it seems like Killer is Dead will be no exception to the rule. Gamers can look forward to the game when it hits PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

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Davis Fan[E3 2013] Killer is Dead Preview