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[E3 2013] Arma 3 Preview

In PC, Previews by Kevin Kartanata

As a fan of “hardcore” shooters, I have a particular fondness for the Arma series, known for its veritable sandbox of military weaponry and moddability. If I said that I wasn’t excited to see what Bohemia had in store for Arma 3’s upcoming Beta build, I would be lying, and why would I do that?

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We were shown several scenarios at the Bohemia booth. The first was a combined-arms assault on an enemy compound with helicopter support. It was here that the game’s updated first-person presentation was shown off. Gunfire is now played in stereo instead of mono to for more realistic and “beefier” sounding feedback and scopes are now rendered in 3D to provide a more attractive and realistic sight picture when aiming down them.

Weapon and vehicle variety has also been increasing steadily. The “M320R Long Range Rifle,” added in the last Alpha content update before E3, was used during a scenario where the player, acting as a forward observer for artillery pieces, was also tasked with taking out anti-air soldiers capable of shooting down friendly air support. We also saw a light machine gun called the “Zafir 7.62” for the OpFor faction based off the real-life Israeli Defense Forces’ Negev, as well as a stealth helicopter called the “UH-80 Ghosthawk” inspired by the one used in the Seal Team 6 Bin Laden raid in 2011.

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The new Independent faction, the Greek Army, will also be playable alongside “BluFor” (NATO) and “OpFor” (Iranian Armed Forces) with their own weapons and vehicles. Arma 3‘s story concerns a near-future conflict between NATO and Iran in a collapsed Greek state, and the addition of the Greek Army will not only flesh out the game’s planned single-player mode, but give modders and content creators even more options to play with.

The Arma 3 Beta will be launching June 24 for those who have pre-purchased on Steam and the game’s full release is expected in Q3 of this year.

Kevin Kartanata[E3 2013] Arma 3 Preview