[E3 2013] Disney Infinity Preview

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If you are familiar with Skylanders, you may know about Avalanche Software’s upcoming Disney Infinity. For those of you who aren’t, Disney Infinity is an adventure game in which players summon characters they can play by placing a figurine on top of an “INFINITY Base,” similar to Skylander’s “Portal of Power” via technology known as NFC or near field communication. Figurines include iconic Disney characters such as Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Lightning McQueen. Figurines may be removed from the INFINITY Base and placed at will. The INFINITY Base accommodates for 3 spots; 2 for figurines and 1 for a set of Play Sets.


Honestly, I had already been excited about Disney Infinity since I first heard about it. I love the idea of visiting worlds, more specifically, Disney worlds. I also love references in movies and video games, so the idea of being able to play in these well-known worlds from Disney movies as several different characters interested me. I had the pleasure of having hands-on time with Disney Infinity playing as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean play set. The steerable pirate ship was completely customizable from the bow to the stern and, when I landed on an island and proceeded to search for objects, the kraken made a quick appears from underneath the waves, reminding me of just what world I am playing in. Little details like that added to the overall experience of Disney charm.


Halfway through my playthrough I switched to Davy Jones simply by lifting off the Jack Sparrow figurine and replacing it with the Davy Jones figurine. Ironically, the main story of the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set is to ultimately defeat Davy Jones, but that’s just the freedom of the game.  Disney Infinity Play Sets all have a main storyline; however, players can stray away from it and do some exploration. By doing so, players have the chance of finding toys or collectible coins that may be spent to buy new toys that may be used in the Toy Box mode or power ups.

Toys may be bought or collected via exploration in Play Sets and are exclusive to the Toy Box mode. The mode is exactly what its name implies. It can be a completely empty canvas or a preset world in which you can create and play in. Think Minecraft’s Creative mode but, instead of building sets with blocks, they are built with preexisting objects. A flying mode similar to that of Minecraft‘s makes it a lot easier for players to traverse the map. Toys range from the famous Disney creations like Cinderella Castle to multiple types of terrain. I was shown a demonstration inside of a stadium on a prebuilt Toy Box map. Many prebuilt objects serve as inspiration to what you can possibly create. In reality, the only limit is your imagination.

“In Disney Infinity, the only limit is your imagination.”

The demonstrator showed me how to connect a scorekeeping machine to a goal net with a magic wand tool so that it would count points as objects interacted with the net then proceeded to spawn a soccer ball and demonstrated that you can use many different items to push it around. The magic wand serves to move and place objects or connect them to interact with each other. The Toy Box mode can be played with a friend split-screen or 4-player online, so you can imagine playing this created-from-the-ground-up sports game with all your buddies. There is a limit to how many things you can have in one Toy Box at once and that is represented by a green bar that fills up on the left of the screen. However, don’t be discouraged to build whatever you want, because there is more than enough room. A soccer stadium is merely just one idea of what can possibly be in this realm.


Disney Infinity will release with a starter pack that includes an INFINITY Base, Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley figurines, a Play Set Piece with Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles Play Sets, an INFINITY Power Disc that can be placed under a figure to add additional upgrades, and unique web codes to unlock content online and on mobile devices. Disney Infinity will release for the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, and PC on August 18, 2013.

Paul Arroyo[E3 2013] Disney Infinity Preview