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[E3 2013] BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Preview

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One of the mystery games unveiled by Aksys Games at E3, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma has already enjoyed success in Japanese arcades for a while before news of a console port even in Japan. It represents the next upgrade in the BlazBlue franchise, which competitive players are likely eagerly awaiting. We had a chance to sit down with the game and see what makes Chronophantasma tick.

One of the first changes players will notice is that the roster has been updated to include 26 characters, while some previous characters such as Noel Vermillion and Nu-13 have been reimagined for this release. Some of the new characters have been thrown into the game especially with the concerns of more casual players at mind, such as Bullet who was designed to be a simpler to master character, while other new characters will give even seasoned BlazBlue  veterans, like the cloth-drill toting Amane Nishiki.

Also new to the Chronophantasma is the new Overdrive mode, which will activate after players press all four buttons. When activated, it will give players some extra damage potential and free timers. It seems like this is the type of comeback mechanic that the series needed in the era of timer-scams.

Gameplay felt pretty familiar, though the redesigns and updates will obviously mean that players will need to learn newer combos and strategies. Some of these changes were definitely a welcome one. As a Nu/Lambda player myself, I appreciate not being forced to abuse my stick just to get out her C attack. That’s a good thing. Otherwise, Aksys Games PR Manager Russel Iriye assured us that characters’ playstyles will remain intact, much to the delight of longtime players.  LIkewise, casual players will enjoy the return of Stylish mode, which will execute easy combos for players by just pressing on a single button.

Chronophantasma is looking great and embodies everything an Arc System Works update does – brand new rebalance changes, character moves, and several characters to boot. Fans who are looking forward to this, whether it’s for the new characters or just to stay up to date with the competitive BlazBlue scene can look forward to its release Q1 2014.

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