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[E3 2013] Bayonetta 2 Preview

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Though Platinum Games has been known for making a variety of over-the-top, quality action games, few have had the privilege of getting a sequel. With Bayonetta 2, we have the first Platinum Games title to be a sequel. After its unexpected announcement last year, we finally got a chance to sit down with it at this year’s E3.

The title still maintains its over-the-top action, including the titular witch’s giant demon limbs that fly out at the end of combos or even her costume itself. New to Bayonetta 2, the Umbra Climax further elevates the spectacle that is a Platinum Games title and effectively adds these summons to every attack, clearing waves of enemies easily.

In addition to her existing set of combos, which are as fluid as ever, Bayonetta has access to more weapons this time around. In the demo, she was given a pair of swords as well. While these don’t summon any limbs from demons, what they lack in large demon limbs they make up for in large sword swipes that take up the entire screen. It’s hard to say that wasn’t expected of the game. Likewise, the Umbra Climax makes every single slash cover up the entire screen, just in case players ever felt a bit emasculated by the somewhat plain looking swords.

The battle system is intact for the most part, much to the delight of the original’s fans. The game focuses on skillfully dodging attacks that are indicated by a red ring on enemies, setting off the witch timer that will slow down enemies as players wail away at them. For players who simply did not have enough at the end of boss fights in the original Bayonetta, the sequel also adds in one further step before a mission’s completion – players will have to take down the very demon they summon to finish off bosses. No word yet on whether there will be different demons to take down, but I can hardly complain at the notion of more play time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Wii U title without GamePad integration, and Bayonetta 2 seems to make full use of it. In addition to being able to play the game entirely from the tablet’s screen , there will be a casual mode that allows players to control the game using only the touch screen as well. The commands are fairly intuitive, including swiping around to dodge or jump while tapping on enemies allowed players to combo them into little bits and pieces.

There’s certainly enough new content here to excite both Platinum Games fans and fans of the original Bayonetta. With this title coming in 2014 and other core titles already available on the Wii U, the system is looking like a strong contender to join any gamers’ collection.

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Davis Fan[E3 2013] Bayonetta 2 Preview