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[E3 2013] Lost Planet 3 Preview

In 360, Previews, PS3 by Grant Mikuriya

Lost Planet 3 made an appearance at Capcom’s booth and two separate stations demoing the campaign and multiplayer were on display.  With the success (or lack thereof) from the previous game left me skeptical about this sequel; however, the demo featured some very promising content.

At first glance, the graphics haven’t really changed much in-game from the previous game. The framerate, especially during the boss fight, was quite laggy, but that isn’t really a problem because it is, after all, an incomplete demo. However, there is significantly less in multiplayer for some reason.  What did stick out to me though were the amazingly well rendered cutscenes, which were running at about 60 FPS and displayed some very detailed facial expressions. 

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The levels I played sounded just like the colony of EDN III should have; howling winds, the crunch of snow beneath your feet, and the sound of nearby gunfire really helped to immerse in the experience.

The indigenous life forms of EDN III called the Akrids return with their bright orange weakspots, though only two variants make an appearance in the demo.  The small, annoying type that resemble face-huggers appear across the entire area and the boss Akrid actually launches pods containing them at you throughout the three part fight, but this is alleviated by simply standing by them and mashing the melee button.  She then proceeds to attack you directly, which players will have to dodge.  This aspect about the fight was that it was very repetitive, as there were only two variations on her attack pattern.  The most entertaining section was when you have to get into the mech and fight in what feels more like a boxing match than anything. Beloved QTE’s are back as well and the demo doesn’t quite prompt you on what button to press after the initial button mash when the face-huggers jump you. I must have looked like a fool wiggling the controller around, pressing all of the buttons much like how TV shows think people play games.


Multiplayer was several times more fun than the campaign, especially with the amount of other players who were participating as well.  The loadouts are standard at first glance with your assault rifle, SMG, and sniper rifle, but what spices them up are the secondary weapons and perks that come with them.  A neat feature that has returned is the grappling hook, and it especially comes in handy when trying to fake out enemies.  On a side note, I had noticed that the sniper loadout was a bit overpowered, as you don’t even have to zoom in to get an accurate shot while running and gunning is the name of this game.  I was surprised to see that, as I advanced through what I thought was just another team deathmatch mode, an objective popped up on the right hand corner of the screen.  A random Varkid had spawned in the middle of the map and my team now had to rush to compete for the kill.

The campaign ends on a small cliffhanger, but both sections of the demo were long enough and provided a sufficient look into each mode. It left me wanting more in terms of the story, but that’s the nature of any demo.  The release is slated for August 27, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Grant Mikuriya[E3 2013] Lost Planet 3 Preview