New Bayonetta 2 Trailer Released

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Eagerly awaited by hardcore gaming fans, Bayonetta 2 had a new trailer featured on today’s Nintendo Direct. The trailer featured little gameplay, but Satoru Iwata mentioned that the title would have new cinematic actions. In addition to that, Bayonetta is sporting a new costume and shorter hair cut, though she still seems to retain many of her older powers, including that of summoning a giant demon using her hair. The teaser trailer seemed as suggestive as ever and it’s unlikely that fans will be disappointed. The end of the trailer featured a mysterious boy with a necklace, though there’s no word on who he is. Perhaps we’ll find out more when the game nears its release date in 2014.

Bayonetta 2 Image 01

Source: Nintendo Direct Trailer

Davis FanNew Bayonetta 2 Trailer Released