SmashMuck Champions Props Up Beta with Giveaways

In News by Matthew Kartanata

With its closed beta already in progress, Kiz Studios plans to expand testers’ experiences by adding in new content such as custom games and casting tools in their MOBA SmashMuck Champions. By allowing for sandbox options in beta rather than after release, Kiz Studios seems to be taking preemptive steps to integrate player input and needs similar to games like League of Legends and Dota 2. Contests will be held throughout June and July, with the grand prize being able to test out new content before anyone else, including player-made champions like Platimus (the lovechild of a unicorn, platypus, and the community). Each Wednesday, SmashMuck Champions will be streamed on to allow for more details on these contests, as well as providing opportunities on their Facebook community page. In addition, players are able to gain new free items each day they log in from today to the end of the month, and are given a discount on the Founders Pack of items and champions.

Source: Press Release, SmackMuck Champions & Kiz Studios.

Matthew KartanataSmashMuck Champions Props Up Beta with Giveaways