Strike Suit Zero’s Oculus Rift Version is Almost Complete

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Today, Born Ready Games released a new video showcasing and discussing how the game will work with the Oculus Rift. According to James Brooksby, CEO of Born Ready Games, most of the process of translating the game to a virtual reality environment was pretty easy, though the team still has to fiddle with some 2D elements like the HUD. If progress continues smoothly, they expect the update to be available by the summer. Already in the video, we see that players can look around their cockpit independently of where they’re aiming, which is surely a mecha and space combat fanatic’s dream. No word yet on whether or not Strike Suit Infinity will receive a similar update, but we’ll keep you posted.

Strike Suit Zero Screenshot 01

Source: Born Ready Games YouTube

Davis FanStrike Suit Zero’s Oculus Rift Version is Almost Complete