Gaming in Japan Today, May 10, 2013

Today In Japan, May 10, 2013

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Lots of new information on Millenium no Shoujo, yet another update on Shin Megami Tensei 4, and possibly the most scantily-clad character in Dragon’s Crown is introduced.

  • The rather popular Yahoo! online card game called MonsterXDragon received a new update today, adding 23 new cards to the game.
  • Though it has been kept under wraps for quite some time now, details on the mysterious “Beta Project” for Ragnarok Online such as a new world called Breidablik and a new campaign that is offering an item that will increase initial base health up to 11 times have been revealed.
  • More information on Shin・Sekaiju no Meikyuu ~Millenium no Shoujo~ has been announced.  A feature in the settings is to set the BGM to the older style if you don’t like the new system.  Another feature included is called “Grimoire Chance”, which means you can use one of your abilities written in your grimoire in combat.  When you return from the field, you are able to manage the spells in your grimoire from the guild house in town.  New characters are introduced as well.  The guild house’s caretakers Austin and Rosa.  The game will release on 6/27/13 for 3DS.
  • Studio MAGES has announced another visual novel game in the works called DISORDER6.  Not much has been revealed about the game except that the two main characters-an unnamed male and female-who have been mixed up in the events surrounding a murder.  They become suspects, but have lost their memories and many people who are after their lives appear.  The game will cost 7140 Yen (roughly $70 USD*) for the regular edition and 9240 Yen (roughly $91 USD*) for the special edition for PS3/Xbox 360.  The release date is on 8/22/13.
  • The character page has been updated on the official site for Shin Megami Tensei 4.  A mysterious man named Steven has an introductory video up for watching.
  • A new otoge for the PSP called VitaminR has released today, and the game’s opening movie can be viewed here.
  • Yet another PV for the upcoming game Dragon’s Crown has been released.  The scantily clad playable character called Amazon relies on her powerful and unexpectedly agile physical attacks as well as buffs she can cast on herself.
  • Devil Survivor 2 Break Record has been delayed from its July release until Spring this year.
  • Capcom will be hosting an event called “Natsu no Shinsaku Taikenkai”.  Attendees will be able to test play Monster Hunter 4, Gyakuten Saiban, Lost Planet 3.  The event will take place from 6/1/13 until 6/2/13 from 11 am-6 pm on the third floor of Odaiba’s Aqua City.

Source: 4Gamer and Famitsu

Grant MikuriyaToday In Japan, May 10, 2013