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[Game Preview] Anomaly 2 Multiplayer Beta

In PC, Previews by Grant Mikuriya

Though an earlier version of the game was beta’d previously, a more complete multiplayer beta for Anomaly 2 gives you a completely different experience online.  Coming in as a newbie, however, is as daunting as well it is challenging, those who are familiar with the game and its workings are in for a great time.

The setting is exactly the same as the previous single-player iteration, the multiplayer mode allows you to be a part of either the human resistance or the alien menace. A slight difference in the game is that, as humans, your objective is to destroy a set of generators placed throughout the level, all the while supporting your units with different items such as healing or decoys.  On the opposition, you must defend your generators by building different kind of towers across the map.  On top of this, the game no longer pauses when the player is in a menu of any kind; many of the players you might be pitted against will be very familiar with the game, so a split second’s hesitation can be deadly, ending in a rather quick game.  However, there is a short single player tutorial and several articles you can read up on in the game, which helps to some extent. 

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While the story mode is nonexistent this version, being able to play against a human opponent adds a layer of depth that even the computer on its hardest difficulty could not.  Starting off a level with no idea what your opponent is planning and the pre-game waiting game to see which generator to strike/defend first is a thrill within itself.  One thing I noticed, however, is that when queuing for a game, it takes a little longer when selecting the “squad” (attacker) option, as I’m sure everyone wants to be.  This is possibly due to the lack of tutorials for the defending side; beginners must learn how to play defense strictly through reading and firsthand experience.

Those who think that iOS tower defense games are too easy, but online Starcraft is too hard, will surely enjoy this game.  The gameplay takes aspects from both games, which just so happens to be a great combination.  While I did encounter a number of bugs, it was a lot less than expected in an unfinished product.  Fans will be in for a treat when the game releases later this year.

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Grant Mikuriya[Game Preview] Anomaly 2 Multiplayer Beta