Denki for Listening Episode 22 "Bio-shake Infinite"

[Denki for Listening] Episode 22 “Bio-Shake Infinite”

In Podcast by Kevin Kartanata

In this week’s podcast, Eldon joins the ranks of the Tenno in Warframe, and Kevin finally plays Bioshock Infinite, which sparks a spoiler-filled discussion. In news, we discuss the end of Microsoft’s Twitter fiasco of last week, Blizzard’s buyout of IPL, and EA’s second year as the “worst company in America.”

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01:30 – We discuss that which we call a rose

05:20 – Eldon jumps on the Warframe bandwagon

18:15 – We briefly discuss Hawken and mecha games and anime

22:35 to 52:45 – Kevin plays Bioshock Infinite and we discuss it at length **BIOSHOCK SPOILERS HERE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**

56:25 – Microsoft’s Twitter fiasco reaches its inevitable end and we talk about “always online” and social media

1:04:25 – Blizzard buys IGN Pro League and we discuss eSports

1:17:15 – EA wins “Worst Company in America” and we discuss common criticisms of their practices

1:28:30 – We briefly talk about Japanese shut-ins

1:31:15 – We discuss the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us, and argue about Aquaman

Kevin Kartanata[Denki for Listening] Episode 22 “Bio-Shake Infinite”