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[Friday Five] Things I Want From Batman: Arkham Origins

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If you haven’t heard the news already, Warner Brothers has announced that there will be a new Batman game entitled Batman: Arkham Origins. Being a fan of the previous Arkham games, here are five things I would like from the new title.

Have Deathstroke be voiced by Ron Perlman

I’m actually not too familiar with Deathstroke in the comics. All I really know about him is that he once beat the Flash, so theoretically he is the most overpowered person in the DC universe. In any case, I’m more familiar with the Teen Titans version of Deathstroke, and, in the cartoon, he was voiced by Ron Perlman. Wouldn’t it be so cool and nostalgic it’d be if Ron Perlman voiced him in the game? I can’t imagine him being menacing if he was voiced by anyone else. 


No more Riddler trophies

Seriously guys who honestly found collecting Riddler trophies enjoyable in the slightest? I absolutely hated it. Collecting Riddler trophies in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is almost as tedious as collecting feathers in Assassin Creed. It isn’t fun, and all it does is artificially lengthen the game. I know I could just not bother with them and ignore it, but I don’t want to miss out on content just because I didn’t collect the 40,000 trophies littered throughout the map.


If Bane is in the game, don’t make him a dumb brute

In the previous Arkham games, I was confused as to why Rocksteady made Bane a giant dumb meathead who charges at Batman in a straight line. We’re talking about the guy who breaks Batman’s back here. He’s supposed to be as intelligent and strong as Batman, but instead he’s reduced to fighting Batman as if he’s a member of a high school football team who only graduates because his teachers gave him passing grades because he played sports. A fight with Bane should involve Bane attacking Batman relentlessly and have a player fight for his life. 


Have Adam West cameo

I’m honestly surprised none of the previous Batman games had Adam West do a small cameo. I think it would be hilarious if he voiced an NPC if only for a brief moment. It would be complete fanservice, but I’d love it.


No Games for Windows Live

Please don’t bring back GFWL for the PC version. There’s literally no reason to use it ever, and it’s just a horrible nuisance. There doesn’t need to be more DRM on top of Steam. I don’t want my game session to cut out just because GFWL disconnected from the internet or have my save file randomly wiped.

I’m actually fairly optimistic for this game despite it being made by a studio that isn’t Rocksteady. If they keep the mechanics of the previous Arkham games and just update the settings and characters, then I’m certain this game will turn out great.

Eldon Tsan[Friday Five] Things I Want From Batman: Arkham Origins