Gaming in Japan Today, April 5, 2013

Today In Japan, April 5, 2013

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Hadoukens, Hadoukens everywhere in the contest announced by Capcom, a collaborative effort between Monhan and Fate/Stay Night, and we find out that Japan actually plays MOBAs.

  • A new character for the upcoming Atlus game Dragon’s Crown has been revealed in a PV trailer.  This game is a side-scrolling RPG.  The new character, called  “Fighter“, appears to play a tank-like role in the game.
  • A highly interactive browser RPG with D&D-like elements called Cross Tribe has been announced by studio Digital Hearts today.  The closed beta will start on 4/19/13, and the final release is planned for 4/26/13.  Though a bit on the back-burner, iOS and Android versions are in the works as well.
  • A photographic craze that is happening among Japanese high school girls called Makansappou is apparently gaining poularity in outher countries as well.  In response to this craze, Capcom has issued a challenge to recreate a Hadouken and send it to them.
  • The continuation of the online service Monster Hunter Frontier Online G will take effect on 4/17/13.  A PV collaboration with the Fate/Stay Night series has been shown on Youtube.  Skins of the characters “Saber” and “Archer” will appear in the game with their signature weapons in-game: Excaliber and Kansho, Bakuya, and Caladbolg, respectively.
  • A couple of new characters have been announced for the 3DS platforming game Sayonara Umihara Karase in this PV.  The game is set to release sometime this summer.
  • Even more characters announced for Tecmo Koei’s upcoming Youkiden.  The game plays similarly to Monster Hunter and is slated to release on 6/27/13.
  • Korean MOBA Chaos Heroes Online (localized by Sega) has announced the release of 3 new heroes.   A micro-managing tank called Garitos, a carbon copy of Shadow Shaman (Rasta) from Dota2 called Rokan, a bruiser called Gurr, and a caster who relies on lifesteal called Herjuna.
  • The director’s cut version of the PC game Danzai no Maria ~THE EXORCISM OF MARIA~ has been announced to release on 9/27/13.  This version will include new CG stills and an extended story that was unable to fit into the PSP version.

Source: 4Gamer and Famitsu

Grant MikuriyaToday In Japan, April 5, 2013