Gaming in Japan Today, April 2, 2013

Today In Japan, April 2, 2013

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Today, we see that Japan surprisingly likes Korean RPGs, several game release announcements, an  announcement for the Vocaloid fans out there, and that arcade centers all over Japan are going to get a lot busier this spring.

  • A new shounen-geared game called Geist Crusher was announced for the 3DS, to be released next winter 2013, and an anime adaptation is underway as well, to be announced at later date.
  • A new MMO called Legend of Souls by Korean developer, Neowiz games will be releasing in Japan 4/3/13.  However, as of today, the you are able to access the character customization service to make a character.
  • Nexon’s new mobile online simulation RPG, Sangokushi wo Idaku-their take on Romance of the Three Kingdoms-has disclosed details about their closed beta, which is to start on 4/24/13
  • A Vita-excusive Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijoshigatai Geimu no You na Mono was announced to be released on 5/30/13.  This is to coincide with the airing of the second series of the anime series it is based on.
  • A PSP visual novel-format game based on the 2011 anime series, Ro-Kyu-Bu! was announced to release on 6/20/13.
  • A new batch of dakimakura covers featuring the characters from the fighting game Arcana Heart.  Each cover of the characters Clarice, Elsa, and Akane feature an AR function, which is more prominent in Japan.  If you gaze at the dakimakura through your smartphone’s camera, you are able to see the character’s swimsuit form.  Here’s how to do it.  Each cover is priced at approximately $130 USD.
  • The Arc System Works Festival will be on 5/19/13, in Yokohama city.  The event will feature the viewing of the Arc Revolution fighting game tournament,  a live concert, among other Arc Revolution events.
  • A music rhythm game based on the ever-popular anime series K-ON!  This game differs in a sense that you are aiming to win trading cards of each of the main girls.  However, this can only occur if you score highly.  These cards are then used as collectibles or to play again; if you scan the girls in certain orders, you can win extra points in-game.  The arcade version to appear country-wide this spring.
  • Japanese television network Fuji Terebi will be broadcasting a program called Hatsune Miku Kayousai 2013~Hatsune Miku Kara Umareta Arata na Ongaku no Sekai.  This program will feature an introduction of the Volcaloid culture as well as “live” performances of the Volcaloids themselves.  Airing time is 4/6/13 at 4:10pm, Japan time.
  • In souvenier shops accross Japan will be selling special editions of plush Airu toys from the popular RPG game Monter Hunter from 4/4/2013-5/6/13.  The largest gathering will be at the specialty toy store Yamashiroya in Ueno, Tokyo.
  • Japanese themed maid cafe, Good Smile Cafe will be hosting a collaboration with Nippon Ichi Software for their recent release, Disgaea D2.

Source: 4Gamer and Famitsu

Grant MikuriyaToday In Japan, April 2, 2013