[Game Preview] Anomaly 2

In PC, Previews by Paul Arroyo

Anomaly 2, the sequel to the much acclaimed tower defense game Anomaly: Warzone Earth, developed by 11 Bit Studios, is slated to release sometime within the second quarter of this year. Unlike most tower defense games, Anomaly 2 puts the player in the role of the offensive units whose purpose is to destroy the defending towers combined with real-time strategy mechanics. This style of play is appropriately dubbed “tower offense.”

Set some years following an alien invasion in the year 2018, players take the roll of a convoy commander of humans searching for food and supplies. The player’s role is to run around the map and ensure mechanical units make it safely to the “Safe Zone” by using tools such as the Repair tool to replenish the health of damaged units. The Decoy tool places a small tower which attracts enemy fire provided it is in range. This is especially useful against the Behemoth unit which deals splash damage. Ability charges have the chance of dropping from destroyed enemy towers. Some units have the ability to be morphed into another to be better suited at attacking certain enemies. For instance, Assault Hounds, while adept at attacking from long range, are not too great at close ranged targets. Assault hounds may be morphed into Hell Hounds to be better equipped at dealing damage to enemies hidden around corners.

The player is given the ability to set up routes for which the units travel to allow for strategic decisions such as whether or not they want to take the more dangerous route. Taking the dangerous route as opposed to the route with fewer enemies may actually pay off as there may be Carusaurum along the way. Carusaurum acts as the game’s currency and is used to buy units and upgrade them. Upgrading can help increase damage output or increase armor.


The game itself feels very action-oriented. Usually, tower defense games are just focused on the enemies trying to get to their destination and the towers themselves, but Anomaly 2 has a cinematic feel to it as activity is not limited to just the towers and enemies. Since players controls one master unit, they may come across colliding bridges or exploding buildings as they traverse the map. During battle, incoming orders from command may be issued adding a depth of narrative not seen in most tower defense games. Combat also happens to be accompanied by a rock music score.

Fans of tower defense games and even real-time strategy fans may be interested in Anomaly 2 as it takes the general idea of tower defense but adds an interesting spin on it by letting the player be the attacker. We can be sure to expect more units, towers, and modes such as multiplayer upon full retail release. Expect to be defending Earth in Q2 2013.

Paul Arroyo[Game Preview] Anomaly 2