[Anime Recap] Tamako Market 12 (Finale)

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The moment I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: Tamako Market’s last episode!  The final episode was not as terrible as I thought it would be, but the ending is disappointing nonetheless.  Somehow, the main conflict was resolved, but as it turns out, it was all a misunderstanding and there was never a conflict in the first place.

The episode begins where the last left off, with the prince handing Tamako the medal she lost.  Choi introduces the prince to Tamako’s family, while Tamako offers him some mochi.  The gag about Mochimazzi and mochi is attempted again, with a little bit of a twist.  However, this is not enough to save the dead, beaten horse, and this horse has been dead for a long time now.  On the way back from school,  Tamako notices all of the shops closed around her.  She then frantically runs about and we see that she was reminded of the day her mother died.  However, the girls and Dera manage to lighten the mood before she starts crying.   It turns out that all of the shop owners in the shoutengai are at the bathouse bombarding the prince with questions, save for Mamedai, who isn’t even there.

For the first time in three episodes, Tamako is asked her opinion about the situation by Dera of all people.  What follows is an unnecessarily long monologue explaining herself and it is kept vague even to the end what her answer will be.  Though I know that she would turn the prince’s offer down, what surprised me was that  she was never a candidate to begin with, as it turns out that Choi neglected to tell Tamako’s fortune.  This caused a large misunderstanding as Choi would have figured this out several episodes ago.  Now the time has come for the Mochimazzi’s to go home.  The group sends Choi off with different kinds of presents, and they realize all too late that Dera is missing, and  it turns out that Dera will be staying in the shoutengai until New Years.  Dera attempts to leave while the girls are busy-trying to act cool but fails as usual, falling asleep in a bouquet of the very same flowers that brought him to Tamako.  This works out for the best, as those flowers just so happen to be a present in which Mochizou finally builds up the backbone to give to Tamako.

Being the last episode and all, there was no preview to see (thankfully).  The ending left only one problem accounted for, and quite a few questions were left unanswered.  For a more in depth assessment, stay tuned for my review!

Grant Mikuriya[Anime Recap] Tamako Market 12 (Finale)