[Game Review] Zombie Smasher (Android)

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In case Valentine’s Day left you wanting to squish the living dead with the touch of your finger, either out of love or lack thereof, Zombie Smasher may be the cadaver-laden panacea to your zombie obsession. With a quick-paced and demanding gameplay style, simple unlockables, and three different game modes, Italy Games seems to have created a dynamically appealing combination of frustration and entertainment.

Zombie Smasher is a game where you, surprisingly (read: not), must smash zombies. As philosopher and musical sensation Stan Bush put it, “You’ve got the touch! You’ve got the power!”—and indeed, that is exactly what you have in this game. Avante gard at its best for refreshing simplicity, and plain and simple at its worst, each zombie is smashed into a pile of flesh and coagulated blood with the touch of your all-powerful finger (or stylus). Simple enough, right? In story mode, players are introduced to new types of zombies from dogs to drillers to giants, each with their own respective abilities to avoid malevolent compression. There are two other game modes that can be unlocked after you progress in story: Survival and Timed. Story Mode plays in a similar fashion to Angry Birds as stars are awarded via how well you performed in the level. Survival Mode features an all-out endless rampage of zombie waves, while Timed Mode boasts a minute-and-thirty-seconds of zombie destruction, all in pursuit of a coveted place on the leaderboards. Story and Survival Mode use hearts as a counter for whether or not you’re still in the game. Three strikes for zombies passing into the bottom of the screen, and the game is over. Additionally, civilians occasionally pass through the fields of cadaverous carnage, and if smashed, also end the game. Timed Mode also features pick-ups that drop from zombies, giving you extra time to exterminate the stickers of the rapture. All three of the game modes give rewards in the form of brains, which can be used to purchase special usable items: Meat Lures, Lightning, and Bombs. Each is relatively useful in smashing zombies, and none are too difficult to buy. However, the gameplay can get dry if you’re expecting upgrades, huge explosions, or maybe more levels. In this sense, players may be feeling slightly devoid of an extended gaming experience, albeit casual.

review_zombiesmasher3Despite having tons of zombies on the screen at certain points of the game, the entire system seemed just as responsive as when there was just one or two zombies traversing the cemetery of smashing. Once a mass of zombies have come into play, the real challenge begins as differentiating zombie from civilian while simultaneously not missing or mis-tapping a zombie, both of which destroy your combo potential. In practice, Zombie Smasher is really just a fun, fast game. You can play it for five minutes, or even five hours if you plan on going through the entire story and then some—and even if you do take the extended, road-trip length gameplay, the game is unlikely to drain battery that heavily. There seems to be practically no lag, even in the higher levels, all of which are great signs for a game intended to run on mobile systems on the go.

Zombie Smasher is the vanilla ice cream you find yourself returning to despite having no outrageous qualities. The game is done well within the confines of its design, which are both plain and simple: smash zombies, don’t miss any, and enjoy the sound of fresh flesh squashing in the morning, afternoon, or late night. Zombie Smasher does not require any real prior skill other than perhaps basic coordination, and is certainly not a game that would be considered hardcore in any sense of the word. The gameplay’s simplicity is both a virtue and a vice: it can get dry or boring for some, while others may rejoice in the monotonous execution via death-by-finger-touch. Yet, all things considered, these factors allow Zombie Smasher to fulfill satisfaction of a casual, pick-up game.


  • Simple game design; easy to pick up
  • Purchasable power-ups are not difficult to stockpile
  • Zombies. I mean, really, who doesn’t love the living dead?!
  • No lag barriers, even if waves get intense
  • Can get dry or boring to some seeking adventure 


Available on: Android; Publisher: Italy Games; Developer: Italy Games; Players: 1; Released: NA; ESRB: NA; MSRP: Free



Matthew Kartanata[Game Review] Zombie Smasher (Android)