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In just a month and a few days from now—April 22nd to be exact—the G4tv channel will forever be changed from the gaming and technology based channel gamers and techies (go figure) from all the around the world know and love. Oh wait, that already happened nine years ago when TechTV merged with G4. Regardless, G4tv offered some good viewing material for several years until it relatively recently plummeted in a downward spiral due to low viewership, which led to cut-backs, layoffs, and DirecTV dropping G4 entirely. The channel will be making a return as the Esquire Network dedicated to modern man. In this list we will talk about the final programs that dwelled on G4 during its remaining years.


Attack of the Show

Popular internet videos, gadget reviews, celebrity interviews, and tentacle monsters; this show had it all.

The Tokyo-themed Attack of the Show emanated everything you like about the internet as best as it could be represented on a television
show. As with any good show, you need good hosts. Kevin Pereira took up the bulk of the shows lifespan, while his co-hosts were cycled a few times. Aired live, something that many television shows rarely do today, one hour a week, I always had something in the day to look forward to watching. Unfortunately, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn had not been on the show for a while now, and this definitely hindered views.



A channel with a major influence on video games has to have a show with video game reviews, right? X-Play did that and more. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb were your go-to television personalities for video game reviews, previews, and game industry interviews. Reviews were presented in an easy to comprehend and entertaining video format that usually coincided with written reviews posted on the G4 website; previews helped keep you up-to-date with the hottest video game titles; and interviews provided insight into a developer’s perspective on whichever video game project they were working on.

X-Play, at least in its earlier days, also aired hilarious video game-related comedy sketches. And just as what happened with Attack of the Show, Adam Sessler was laid-off for unknown reasons (reasons he doesn’t even know of) and that, in my opinion, was a major detriment of colossal proportions to the show.


Event Coverage

Couldn’t go to your favorite con? No problem. G4 had you covered. Annually, representatives from Attack of the Show and X-Play would go to several events including San Diego Comic-Con, Blizzcon, and PAX. They would conduct interviews with many of the attendees and had the perks of setting up exclusive interviews with industry officials, something not just anyone can do. While you still cannot enjoy the many panels being held, you would at least a good feel for what is going on all in the comfort of your own home.


(American) Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior was one of the many non-video game or technology-related television shows aired on the G4 network, and in all honesty it was one of my favorites. This English-dubbed Japanese show comprised of a hundred competitors taking on four obstacle courses—which only became more laborious along the way—all for the chance to win the title of Ninja Warrior. From the Quintuple Step to the Warped Wall, the Ninja Warrior obstacle courses were no easy gauntlets; they were meticulously designed to specifically test the competitor’s mettle. Think Wipeout but with the ultimate goal of the show not being just watching people, well, wipeout. Occasionally, a slightly alternate version would be aired called American Ninja Warrior. It was the exact same premise except this time one American would be chosen to compete in the grueling trials of Mount Midoriyama in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Cops episodic

Not liking the other shows on G4tv

Okay, this may not exactly be following the theme of this article to the tee, as I will not really miss this, but it’s a crucial topic to consider as it played a key role in undermining the very status of all that was G4tv. Along with the shows aforementioned above, G4 hosted several other programs which did not belong anywhere near G4 at all. I’m looking at you Cops and Cheaters. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cops; it’s always fun every now and then to take a gander at drunk-driving delinquents getting their asses handed to them. And Cheaters, while I have not seen it prior to watching it on the G4 network, watching ghetto women going berserk over their significant others’ negligence of their self-proclaimed love for each other is rather entertaining. But when I am watching a television channel aimed at people who have an affinity with all things gaming and technology, this is the last thing I want to see. These were essentially just fillers for the lack of any decent programming that G4 should have had. If there’s anything I’m looking forward to on the new Esquire Network, it’s the abolishment of such shows that simply do not belong and offer nothing to what the network’s initial goals were set out to be.

One thing I’m certain of is that in these past few years G4 was only a shadow of its former self. The TechTV days were truly something to remember. The merging into the Esquire Network may just ultimately be for the better; only time will tell.

What will you most miss about G4tv? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Paul Arroyo[Friday Five] Things We Will Miss About G4