[Denki for Listening] Episode 13 – Of GameStop and Genital Herpes

In Podcast by Kevin Kartanata

In this week’s podcast, we discuss the quirky strangeness that is Antichamber, Davis’ experiences with Hayao Miyazaki simulator Ni no Kuni and terrible transitions. In news, we look at the future of Ouya, Xbox 720 scuttlebutt, and (attempt) to answer our first viewer question.

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03:18 – Kevin’s Antichamber impressions and the merits of indie games/development

16:40 – Kevin tries to be a high roller in Fallout: New Vegas and we discuss karma systems in games

22:20 – Davis becomes a kid again in Ni no Kuni

29:00 – Davis reverts to his manly state in Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2

36:04 – Davis tries a new transition to the news and fails miserably, prompting the gang to humor him and talk about fighting games

39:15 – The Ouya’s announcement for annual releases disheartens the crew and they discuss mobile gaming

47:55 – Eldon gets hyped for The Witcher 3 and the crew begin their speculation on what console it will hit

58:50 – Xbox 720 rumors prompt speculation on the industry’s future

70:00 – GameStop’s store closings and how the company’s affected by Xbox 720 rumors

82:15 – The gang gets their first question: “Why is Final Fantasy VII not on my iPhone?”

Kevin Kartanata[Denki for Listening] Episode 13 – Of GameStop and Genital Herpes