[Denki for Listening] Episode 11 – Free Dogs with Preorders

In Podcast by Kevin Kartanata

This week, we discuss Eldon’s training for the newest Devil May Cry, dead video game consoles, and the Warframe beta’s case of sci-fi hallway syndrome. In news, we look at the announcement of a localized release of Project X Zone, lampoon the paltry amounts of loot in the collector’s edition of Last of Us, and lament THQ’s untimely demise the same way people play fantasy football.

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00:37 – Strike Suit Zero and why it’s tiring

8:42 – Eldon talks about Devil May Cry 4 in preparation for DmC Devil May Cry

11:20 – A Moment of Silence for Kevin’s PS2

15:35 – Kevin offers his impressions on Don’t Starve

21:53 – Kevin converts to a casual gamer with Tiny Tower

25:50 – Angry Birds goes eSports in our imagination

31:20 – Davis gets a snuggie

33:42 – The Amazing Spiderman and how it made web slinging a bore

38:40 – The three exciting levels of Warframe

43:10 – Namco Bandai finally brings over Project X Zone

50:11 – American companies and their grasp on character inclusion in crossovers

53:35 – Namco Bandai announces Tekken Card Tournament

58:40 – Ellen Page simulator, Last of Us, gets some collector’s editions announced

65:05 – THQ’s properties, where they went, and why we’re excited/scared

83:50 – Out of the wasteland of new releases, we find Dungeonland

Kevin Kartanata[Denki for Listening] Episode 11 – Free Dogs with Preorders