[Friday Five] Franchises that Need to be in Disney Infinity

In Friday Five by Davis Fan

With the announcement of Disney Infinity, many longtime Disney fans are downright giddy. The opportunity to play as almost any Disney franchise on almost any home console. The initial series announced to be part of the game’s lineup – The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and Pirates of the Carribean – already make up a diverse cast of favorites that all disney fans will be able to appreciate. We can only imagine what else Disney will have in store for us when the game comes, but here’s five titles that will be absolutely indispensible in making Disney Infinity the premier Disney title, regardless of age.


Wreck-It Ralph

This is likely a no-brainer already, with an animated film that has so many roots in gaming, featuring cameos like Street Fighter‘s Zangief and Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog. With minigames on iOS and Android devices that even include a twinstick shooter, there’s a lot of room for developers to work with within the Wreck-It Ralph universe. I’m not even going to go into the possibility of having console exclusive tie-ins that Disney could work out, which would surely satisfy the respective console owners and irk those who do not own them.



Maybe it’s because I’m Chinese, but this was one of my favorite Disney cartoons as a child, so it only helps its case for why I would want it in Disney Infinity. The movie itself, and its story of a young woman preparing for war, lends itself to many possible minigames. Imagine a series of minigames where you will prepare for war against the Huns or even fight against the Huns themselves in a Dynasty Warriors­ style hack and slash. Also, mad props to Disney if they include Jackie Chan’s rendition of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”



Arguably Disney’s most influential and popular live action film, Tron already has many roots in gaming despite being produced in the 80s. There’s so many possibilities for minigames here, including but not limited to the obligatory lightcycle races and disc battles found in Tron: Legacy. Hopefully, Disney’s ingenuity will shine through and include more than just these two modes and give Tron fans a reason to shell out for the game.



Like Mulan, Hercules and its extreme training regiment makes the movie easy to transition into the likes of Disney Infinity. However, wouldn’t it be boring to simply include another figure where players will simply train their character for some upcoming battle or to become a hero? Instead, imagine the movie’s integration into the Kingdom Hearts series, where the IP was used to make the Olympus Coliseum, which was pretty much absent from the original movie.  That would certainly be a fun game to have with a Hercules figure.



Though the bulk of the film and its adventurous setting in Paradise Falls would be an ideal location for any game featuring Up, the lore lends itself to further adventures. While fans may have fell in love with Carl and Russell’s adventures,  let’s not forget the adventures that Carl and Ellie imagined up for themselves as children. Ellie’s imaginary adventures in her Explorer’s Club would be a beautiful love letter to fans of the movie who wish to explore the movie past what they see on the cinema screen.

There is an endless list of possibilities that the imaginative company can do with Disney Infinity.  To go beyond being a simple cash cow and exploting Disney IPs and become a truly memorable Disney title, Disney Infinity will have to dig deep into its franchises, including these five, and make something at which even the most dedicated Disney fans will be surprised.

Davis Fan[Friday Five] Franchises that Need to be in Disney Infinity