[Hardware Review] Skullcandy PLYR 2

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When browsing deals online, I’ll surely find a pair of Skullcandy earphones periodically. On my first impression, I always thought that they were meant for aesthetics, rather than performance. I’ve always been one to favor performance over aesthetics. Fancy my interest when I saw that Skullcandy would be releasing a wireless gaming headset that would be compatible across the board for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Needless to say, I was ecstatic that a headset would finally be able to follow me as I game away with the modern wireless gaming controller.

As with other earphones and headsets by Skullcandy, the PLYR2 looks beautiful. Unlike other gaming headsets, it’s nowhere near as bulky and doesn’t scream “spoiled and overly obsessed with gaming.” It’s sleek and could easily be mistaken for a pair of headphones meant only for entertainment purposes. Some of the headset’s functionality even seems to be designed with style in mind, such as the boom mic, which users can swivel when they deem it unnecessary and mute it in the process. ¬†However, the audio controls were a bit iffy. Though it fits in with the design of the headset, its position directly on the right speaker makes it a nightmare to operate unless the entire headset is removed.


Performance-wise, the headset provides great audio. Though it does not boast the virtual 7.1 of other $200+ headsets, it really is not an issue. For the most part, players will be unlikely to tell the difference between different channels and the stereo output on the PLYR2 is more than enough to satisfy. Disappointingly, the headset could only output in mono on PC, which gives it less channels than even the cheapest earphones on the market. Additionally, the microphone is embarrassingly quiet, staying barely audible despite countless changes to settings that maximized what little volume it produced.

True to its selling point, the headset handles wireless use perfectly. At my farthest, I was a good 20 feet away from the receiver until the sound started fading out and could still communicate well, albeit quietly. Despite its slim form, the headset also rests quite comfortably even on the largest heads, even my own gargantuan one. Thankfully, the speakers are just as comfortable, fitting snugly over the ears rather than gigantic cup that simply fit all. These easily replaced earmuffs during the winter season for myself.


The Skullcandy PLYR2 is perfect for any gamer looking for wireless joy in their gaming to go along with all their wireless controllers. It provides great sound , considering its price and functionality, and is pleasing to the eyes for those who are concerned with aesthetics, as expected of any Skullcandy product. However, the weak microphone leaves a lot to be desired in an otherwise perfect product.

Note: A retail copy was provided to Denkiphile for review purposes by the publisher.

Davis Fan[Hardware Review] Skullcandy PLYR 2