[League of Legends World Finals] A Trophy, Bodypaint, and more!

In Event by Davis Fan

The dust has settled and the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship has come to an end. Though viewed as the underdog, Taiwan’s Taipei Assassins destroyed South Korea’s Azubu Frost in a best of five set, 3-1. The matches (which are available on VOD now) may have been the main event, but even casual League of Legends fans would have had a blast at the World Finals at the Galen Center in Los Angeles.

Aside from the occasional cosplayers, Rioters and sponsored players were there in full force. As fans waited in the parking lot, players like Team Solomid’s Dyrus and Counter Logic Gaming Europe’s Snoopeh were roaming about in line, signing memorabilia or taking pictures with their fans. Elsewhere, once the event had gotten into full swing, Rioters were roaming about, waiting for fans to ask for skins. As with any Riot event, the merchandise stand was in full swing, selling items like posters for $5 and Blitzcrank hoodies for $45, which are unavailable in the store and go for a much higher price on eBay. For any League of Legends fan, this event was a dream – one that was topped off with a swag bag giveaway for all attendees, which included a limited edition Ryze and Tryndamere statue and Championship Riven skin. To find out how to get your own, go here!

Davis Fan[League of Legends World Finals] A Trophy, Bodypaint, and more!