[E3 2012] Orgarhythm Preview

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In recent years, the music rhythm genre has evolved to more than simply following directions on the screen to the beat of music. Patapon was one of the iconic games that showed us how music can be used differently – more as a guide to rather than the featured action. XSEED Games’s new title, Orgarhythm, takes another stab at that concept by placing players in the shoes of a god commanding his troops in battle.

In Orgarhythm, players have to tap to the beat, with each tap selecting either the yellow, red, or blue troops, another tap to select the type of weaponry, and a swipe to direct them towards a direction. In a sense, it’s much like a hybrid between an RTS and music rhythm game with elements of rock-paper-scissor thrown in.  Blue beats red; red beats yellow; yellow beats blue; the resulting system is one that pervades well into boss fights even, prompting players to constantly keep track of the screen and command the corresponding troops if they are to be successful.

Though players only start off with four of each troop type, timely taps will both level up and bring in additional troops until the maximum 16 troops per squad is reached. That’s quite an impressive number and made for some hectic action on the Vita’s screen. Because each beat is another opportunity to increase troops and level up, the game rarely has any dead time. From the early build at E3, however, the game does have some UI issues, including a barely visible beat marker over the god which can throw off players’ timing.

Despite that, Orgarhythm is shaping up to be an incredibly fun music rhythm game with a wide array of electronica (here’s hoping to no dubstep) and indie music available as DLC. Hopefully, the small issues with the title will be fixed by the game’s release date sometime later this year.

Davis Fan[E3 2012] Orgarhythm Preview